What To Do If Drano Doesn’t Work (Step-by-Step)

what to do if drano doesn't work

If Drano drain cleaner doesn’t work, you may use baking soda instead. Pour a one-half cup of baking soda in your drain; after five minutes later, pour one cup vinegar, since vinegar is an effective cleaner for clogs caused by grease and soap solution buildup. Combining the baking soda and vinegar, you may notice hearing … Read more

How to Remove Delta Shower Handles? (Step-by-Step)

how to remove delta shower handles

Sometimes it’s hard to remove a delta shower handle because there are handle screws that are hard to unscrew. In that case, you should unscrew first the shower plate then remove the shower handle.  Knowing how to remove your shower handle is essential. One of the reasons to remove your shower head is that it … Read more

Can I Pour Bleach Down The Shower Drain?

Can I Pour Bleach Down The Shower Drain

The answer is no. Bleach is a potent and toxic substance, so you need to be careful in applying to it.   Also, this substance can reach with any other substances in plumbing and pipework,  without paying attention for precaution, it may end up too severe damage on your pipes. Why is it essential to … Read more

What to Put on Ceiling Above Shower? [5 Options]

what to put on ceiling above shower

The necessary materials usually put on above the shower ceiling are fiberglass, ceiling tiles, polystyrene ceiling tiles, metal ceiling, and Paint. These are the materials that will perfectly fit your ceiling bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom may cost you money. One of the most critical processes in renovating your bathroom is choosing the ceiling to fit … Read more

What Size Is a Shower Head Pipe? [All Values You Need]

what size is a shower head pipe

The standard thread size of a modern shower head is 1/2-inch or 12.7 mm NPT. Since every size of shower head threads is accurate, you don’t need to worry about picking the wrong one. So, the only task you have is selecting the showerhead style you desire for your bathroom. When talking about home space, … Read more

Is Shower Water Tap Water? [And Is It Safe to Drink?]

is shower water safe to drink

While in the shower, you might have thought to yourself, is it safe to drink the water coming out from the showerhead? Is the shower water the same as tap water? Well, the answer for both is yes. The shower water and water on the sink, the toilet, and the kitchen are all tap water. … Read more