What Size Is a Shower Head Pipe? [All Values You Need]

The standard thread size of a modern shower head is 1/2-inch or 12.7 mm NPT. Since every size of shower head threads is accurate, you don’t need to worry about picking the wrong one.

So, the only task you have is selecting the showerhead style you desire for your bathroom.

When talking about home space, you may forget about your shower area, where you spend time doing your hygiene task every day. 

And, when you realize this mistake, it is when you begin taking care of your shower room at its best.

If your planning to renovate your bathroom, you should already plan what you desire and what would be your shower room would look like 

One of the reasons you need to install a shower head pipe is that it lessens your water consumption.

It is good because it lessens the cost of your water bill. 

Also, It reduces your water consumption because taking a shower is faster than taking a bath. 

Moreover, there are probably hundreds of reasons why you need to take a shower.  One of the common grounds of people is personal hygiene. 

Having personal hygiene provides you with health benefits. 

Simultaneously, a regular shower routine provides you a treatment for your body pains by hydrotherapy, which recharges your body after a long tiring day at work.

It is why you need to install a quality shower to give you the best ambiance your body needs.

However, before purchasing any shower head pipe in the market, you need to consider factors like durability, accuracy, and suitability.

Furthermore, your shower pipe is probably one of the most used tools inside your home; that’s why this is the tool that is easily damaged because of frequent use.

If you have a hard time using your shower head pipe or notice that your line is rusty, you may consider updating your pipe with a new one.

So, if you want to make sure that you’re going to install the required shower pipe, you may consider reading below.

Is Shower Head Pipe A Standard Size?

Generally, every shower head pipe has the same size. Both your shower arm and the head are measured by 1/2 inch in the thread.

If you’re planning to install a rain shower head, you need to install it from the wall or your ceiling. Using a wall mounts, you can easily install this in minutes like most showerheads at home.

So, if you want to achieve the rainfall shower’s full effect, you may need to consult a plumber to run the pipes inside your shower room.

If you want to experience a rainfall shower but don’t have the time or money to have it done with a professional, you may use an overhead shower.

The overhead shower arm will hold your shower pipe above level to your head to give you a rain effect bath.

Moreover, the shower arms must extend between 12 and 16 inches from the wall, and sometimes you can even raise it like the height of an actual showerhead.

How Do You Measure For A Shower Head Fitting?

Most of you may look for the best shower material before buying a shower head that will fit your style. However, having a lot of options, it becomes quite tricky to choose the best one.

If you have no time to check all of the showerhead pipe products in the store, you may go for the brand that has the best review.

Before that, you should know first what shower head fits your bathroom style. A shower head has a different style, size, and shape. Purchasing the right shower head impacts your showering experience.

To check that your shower fits in the wall, you may angle the shower head towards a wall away from you, then turn the cold and water to see if there’s a leak.

If you spot leaks in your shower head, it might need more tightening. After that, you measure its diameter as well as how far your showerhead should stick out.

Moreover, the standard distance from the shower arm to the ceiling should be 2 feet.

Does Reducing Shower Head Pipe Size Increase Water Pressure?

Even if your area has good water pressure in your home’s faucets, it doesn’t apply to the shower head’s flow inside your shower room.

Still, the water has to travel upwards to reach your showerhead, where its strength and potency may disappear.

Especially if your area has a low water supply, installing a shower head pipe is not applicable.

To improve your home’s water pressure, you may check the key elements first and replace the materials that don’t work. 

One of the roots of low water pressure is having an old showerhead, so you need to change it with a new one. 

Hence, one of the elements that may increase your water flow is adjusting your water pressure. 

Adjusting your water pressure is easy so if you can do it by yourself, go for it. But make sure that you set it right. 

Moreover, even though you reduce your shower head pipe size, you still need to have accurate pressure to consistently make your water travel upwards.

What Size Hole For A Shower Head Pipe Should I Use?

There are no official sizes for a shower pipe hole. As long as the trim covers the spot, it’s okay. It would be best if you measure it first before trimming it down.

The importance of having a large hole is it gives you easy access to the valve in case you need to fix it in the future.

For example, you have a valve of 2 screws that allows it to block the water from flowing to the charmer, holding the pipe’s cartridge.

If you need to replace the cartridge, you don’t need to shut down the whole house’s water.

At the same time, there’s a great chance that the pipe will not leak if you have a large hole. As long as you correctly sealed the edges of the cave, it will be fine.

Hence, if you neglect to seal it properly, it will just leak and lead to the water overflowing. So, if you can’t handle the issue, you call a professional right away.


Many markets sell different shower pipe varieties, but finding the best one fits your style is quite tricky. A shower head pipe is one of the necessary and used tools in the bathroom.

Maintaining it is very important. That’s why you should invest only in a high-quality shower head pipe so you can still use it for many years.  

If you have a small space at your home, installing a shower head pipe is your best alternative. By installing the shower head, you will have extra space for the other bathroom tools.

Hence, installing a shower head pipe is easy if you’re a professional plumber; it will just take a few hours, and you can have a new functional showerhead right away.

Lastly, if you want to achieve your desired shower room, settling only for good quality head pipes saves you up, wasting your time and money. 

To make the job easier for you may contact a professional plumber right away!


Image credits – Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash

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