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Hi, welcome to IdealHomeAdvice.

This site was set up in December 2020 to provide the best information from different areas around housing.

For a long time, we lacked a site where we could find all the information in one place, and because we have years of experience in home improvement, we decided to set it up ourselves.

To have the best content, we don’t write everything ourselves. We’ve brought in experts from different areas to help. This allows us to cover all areas and bring you the best information.

Our team

Billy Newman

Billy Newman

Bathroom Expert

Billy’s been in construction for 20 years. Once he graduated from high school, he started working for his uncle, who had a construction company.

That’s how he got his first experience, too – everything from concrete foundations to laying tiles or installing water pipes.

And it was the plumbing that he enjoyed most. So after a few years, he started his own business as a plumber, where he still works.

You won’t find better bathroom information than from Billy. He’s a real specialist with a lot of years of practice.

Read his articles in the bathroom category.

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