Does Shower Curtain Go Inside Or Outside Tub?

Does Shower Curtain Go Inside Or Outside Tub

Ideally, the curtain should be hanging inside the tub, keeping the water from getting out of your shower area. Hence, if you’re not using your bathroom, you can put it outside to hang. Indeed, shower curtains have a significant role in protecting the tiles outside your shower area. Shower curtains are also used as a … Read more

Ants Coming Out Of Faucet: What Should I Do?

Ants Coming Out Of Faucet

If you experience ants coming out of your faucet, there is a large leak somewhere on your faucet. To get rid of it , flush them out by putting your water pressure in your faucet at a high level until all ants are out, then put an aerator to prevent the ants from coming back. … Read more

Why Is My Toilet Spraying Water From The Tank? (+ Fix)

Why Is My Toilet Spraying Water From The Tank

One of the problems why your toilet sprays water is because its tanks are overflowing with water. If your toilet tank is overfull, it results in you having faulty bowls, that when you flash a large amount of water, it sprays upwards or towards you. The primary reason why your toilet sprays water from your … Read more

Can Hair Clog A Toilet? (And How To Fix That)

Can Hair Clog A Toilet and Fix

Your excess hair can also be the reason why you have a clogged toilet. It is why you should avoid flushing your hair down your toilet, not just in your toilets but also in your tub and shower drains. If you notice that there’s hair in your toilet, get it right away using a toilet … Read more

Toilet Is Hard To Flush (Quick Fix)

Toilet Is Hard To Flush

If you notice that your toilet suddenly becomes hard to flush and feels like the plunger at the bottom sticks, then there’s a possibility that your flush valve seal is damaged. Experiencing awkward bathroom incidents is normal, and it is hard to handle, especially in a public bathroom. It is why some individuals leave it … Read more

Shower Curb Height – All Info You Need to Know

Shower Curb Height

Getting the appropriate shower curb height is essential for the successful installation of your shower threshold. The curb or the threshold is the one that keeps excess water while you shower. It is the one that keeps the water away from the exterior bathroom. It works as a border between the shower area and the … Read more

Can You Leave Drano Overnight? (What Happens?)

Can You Leave Drano Overnight

It can be a disaster if your kitchen or bathroom sink won’t drain. The water’s backing up and getting out of hand, or your sink’s full of dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned, and it is stressing you out. The mess brought by a clogged drain can be terrible and annoying. Unfortunately, clogs can’t be … Read more