What To Do If Drano Doesn’t Work (Step-by-Step)

If Drano drain cleaner doesn’t work, you may use baking soda instead. Pour a one-half cup of baking soda in your drain; after five minutes later, pour one cup vinegar, since vinegar is an effective cleaner for clogs caused by grease and soap solution buildup.

Combining the baking soda and vinegar, you may notice hearing a hissing sound, which is fine. It means that each solution is working together to dissolve what’s on your drain.

You may leave it for thirty minutes before running hot water to flush in your pipe.

Clog drains are a part of our household. It is why, as homeowners, it’s our mission to maintain a clean and healthy home for our family.

Indeed, you strive to keep your house surface free from any dust by sweeping and regularly mopping your floor, yet, we forget about the dirt beneath our house surface.

Most of the worst problems in a home are hidden, deep inside your areas that are invisible to your sight.

You may not be aware of the damage beneath your drains until it’s too late.

If you have a blocked drain, it will impact both your health and your home. It is easy for any insects like mosquitoes to multiply and bring viruses inside your home because of the stagnant water in your pipes.

Indeed, blocked drains may cause you a lot of money to get medication while repairing your pipes.

However, some ways may help you fix these issues and prevent more severe damages in the future.

But before you get to the point, you need to understand how to execute these ways properly. To learn more, you may continue reading below!

Drano Didn’t Work In The Bathtub – What To Do?

Mostly shower drain clogs are caused by a typical hair fall or from shaving. Having impacted a lot of hair fails, this leads to blockage of your drains.

Be minded that our hair is difficult to dissolve, which makes Drano drain cleaner ineffective.

What should you do next if the Drano drain cleaner isn’t working?

Now, this is the question that comes to your mind.

There are a few things you should know first to prevent causing more problems.

Moreover, if you already poured a Drano drain cleaner into your drains and it hasn’t worked at all, it’s time for you to call a professional plumber to help you.

These people have all the clog removal equipment that you can’t buy at the market.

After calling, you need to tell the plumber that you already tried using a Drano drain cleaner to know what they are dealing with in your pipe.

First, they will send down flexible scope equipment to see closer the cause of the clog drains. Mostly, it is caused by hair.

To remove the clog caused by hair, they will use a drain snake or suction equipment to bring up the clog.

It is done a few times to be sure that they remove all stuck hairs from your drains. They’ll then run the water a few times, making sure that your drains are correctly washed out from top to bottom.

If you want to avoid any clog drains at home, you may purchase a shower drain screen that stops the hair or debris from entering your pipes.

If you experience another clog problem, try to avoid any draining cleaner, especially Drano drain cleaner. It doesn’t work well for shower clogs.

Also, it can cause more issues to your pipes and makes your plumbing worse. You should call an expert right away to make sure your pipes are in good hands and condition.

Drano Won’t Go Down The Bathtub.

The reason why Drano draining cleaner doesn’t work on bathtubs is that it has lesser potency in dissolving bathtub debris.

Also, Drano draining cleaners are made with a toxic cleaning solution that may damage your pipes; instead of helping you solve your problems, it causes you more.

Drano Max Gel Not Working – What To Do?

If Drano Max Gel is not working, what should be the alternative to do?

If you’re experiencing minor clogs caused by food fats, greases, or any soaps from your daily use, there is a DIY effective solution that might help you.

To begin, wait for the standing water to drain some of the fats, greases, and soaps buildup. Then proceed by pouring down the baking soda and, after five minutes, follow the vinegar solution.

Correspondingly, does Drano Max Gel doesn’t work at all? If it works somehow, how long does Drano Max Gel work?

If you have minor drainage problems, Drano Max Gel works after fifteen minutes, then use hot water to flush all the unwanted bathroom debris.

For severe drainage problems, it works well after letting the Drano Max Gel sit for thirty minutes before flushing it with hot water.

However, it depends on how you use it and what your pipes are clogged in.

Drano Won’t Go Down The Drain – Fix.

Indeed, clogged drains make your house smell bad. It is because of the different debris stuck-up inside your drains.

You don’t want your homes to smell bad, especially if you are the type of homeowner that loves to invite guests at home.

It will make the worst definition of a turn-off.

Furthermore, many of you use harmful chemicals to drain your pipes because some of the home remedies don’t help.

We are not saying that using chemicals for cleaning your pipes is also good and won’t cause you more trouble.

However, to be safe, you need professional help since they know more about draining pipes than you by using equipment that is harmless than cleaning chemicals.

Below are basic methods that you can unclog your drains properly.

1. Wire Hanger Or Plunger

It is the first and most straightforward method used by many homeowners and plumbers. It is why most of you have a plunger at home.

Hence, there are different types of the plunger, so if you’re not comfortable using the plunger for the bathroom, you can purchase a plunger designed for clearing your sinks in the market.

2. Dish Soap And Hot Water

The second method is a natural way to unclog your pipes. If any food grease causes your clog, pouring dish soap and hot water is sufficient.

Just pour a fair amount of soap down to your clogged drain, then pour a considerable amount of boiling water; this will flush down that smelly grease outside your pipes.

To maintain your drains clean, especially in your sink, do this method once a week.

3. Baking Soda And Vinegar

The most used natural method of cleaning your drains is baking soda and vinegar. Just like your science project when you’re young, that volcano project you have in grade school, it looks like that.

However, your purpose is to contain all the foam inside to push the clogs out of your pipes.

Drano Made The Clog Worse – How To Fix That?

We all know the warning signs of having a clogged drain. The sinks take a little longer to dry up—the appearance of water pooling around your feet while you’re taking a shower and the unpleasant odor.

These are just the signs that may cause severe problems in your pipes.

It is something that you need to deal with right away before it’s too late.

However, using Drano draining cleaner can make your clog problem worse?

Drano cleaners can add up clogged in your pipe since it has a chemical that turns the liquid solution into solid.

If you repeat using these chemicals, it may cause your pipes’ tearing up, causing the pipes to leak up.

Indeed, dealing with this worst clogged problem is stressful.

However, there are three ways you can use to solve your drainage problem.

1. Pouring Boiling Water To Your Drain

Before you try this method, check first if it is a minor or harsh clogged problem. Hot water is also helpful in breaking down your clogged drains caused by a buildup of greases and food particles, freeing your pipes quickly.

2. Wet And Dry Vacuum

You can also use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to pull up your clogs in your drains. Just turn the vacuum to its highest setting and wait for the clog to be sucked by your vacuum. It is not a reliable method, but it somehow works.

3. Pouring A Caustic Soda

Before you begin this method, use rubber gloves and eye protection to prevent harming yourself. A Caustic soda chemical is a strong chemical that can burn your skin.

You can buy this cleaning method in a local hardware store. To use this properly, pour a 3/4 gallon of cold water into a mop bucket, then add some three cups of caustic soda and stir it up nicely.

When your caustic soda starts to fizz and heat up, pour it in your clogged drain, leave it for 20-30 minutes, and then use boiling water to flush it.


In summary, Drano drain cleaner is not sufficient, mainly if you use it for bathtub drains. Inside your bathroom, pipes expect that the usual cause of clogs is hair, and Drano cleaner can’t dissolve hair easily.

If you’re looking for a solution for your drainage problems, if it’s minor, you can switch to home remedies drain cleaner such as pouring baking soda and vinegar to your clog pipe and flush it with boiling water.

Hence, if you have severe drainage problems, you may contact a professional right away.

Maintaining your pipes’ condition is very important for your health because having clean pipes prevents any insects’ buildup that may harm your health.

Mostly, insect-like mosquitos, which carry dengue and might lead you to be hospitalized.

Lastly, as homeowners, we need to be responsible for keeping our home surface and beneath the surface clean and order because we’re not just protecting ourselves but also our family.


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