What Is the Width of a Shower Curb? [The Perfect Width]

It is recommended that the minimum width of a shower curb is 36 inches wide, bumping up to the width of 42 or 48 inches wide. A shower curb is defined as the drainage area of your shower room, and its walls or half-walls contain water spray. 

With a new home, the bathroom is a space that has the most accurate design since it has the smallest room in your home. 

From your tile selection to setting up a shower-head that will provide you the exact water temperature you need. 

Indeed, everything about the bathroom is personal and intimate. It is the space where you can clean and relax after a long day at work or any errands.

The shower curb is a threshold between your bathroom and the shower floor. Having a shower curb is essential both in function and visual of the bathroom.

The function of the shower curb is the one that keeps the water in the shower area. In terms of visual purpose, it provides you an appropriate place to put different tiles inside your shower room.

So, if you’re planning to build or remodel your bathroom, you need to consider some factors that you need to set up in your bathroom.

This article will help you out if you don’t know how showers curb works and its recommended dimension. 

To understand more about setting an efficient shower curb, you can proceed by reading below!

How Wide Should A Shower Curb Be?

When you are renovating your bathroom, you must install a shower curb or rim at the bottom to catch excess water while you’re taking a bath.

Right now, you’re wondering what the exact width of your shower curb should be. Well, I have an answer for you.

The wideness of your shower curb is determining how big or small your bathroom.

So, if your bathroom’s space is enormous well, you can create a larger shower curb, while if you have a small shower room, you can also make a small shower curb area. 

Additionally, a shower lip around the top of your shower curb should be at a slanting position with a 5 degrees slope. Having it in a slanting place makes faster draining of water inside. 

The recommended curb height should have at least 2 inches height from the bathroom floor to lock the water you have used while you’re taking a bath.

How Much Should A Shower Curb Overhang?

Generally, it is recommended that your shower curb should hang within 1/4 to 3/8 inches. 

Many homeowners make their shower curb feature 90 degree turns along the top edges, but you can make something that’s different and safe in your bathroom.

You may consider making a shower threshold that overhang each of the sides of its curb by about half an inch. Inside your shower, that overhang will stop the water along the edges. 

On the outside, the shower lip will help you define the curb’s height to provide you better safety as you go inside the shower. 

Also, it creates a new look and makes your bathroom more attractive. 

Moreover, should a shower curb have an overhang?

If you have an over-pitched curb, it may cause your door brush to bind, resulting in damage to the shower curb. 

The ideal curb pitch that your shower curb must be 3/16 and 1.4.

 So, when your overhang is more significant than 3/4, you should use a metal filler to build out and fill the gap in your shower enclosure.

Do You Need A Shower Curb?

When it comes to your bathroom, this is a premium space where you can do personal stuff and relax. Having its design to your style makes it more you and more comfortable to use. 

So, the question is, do you need a shower curb?

Yes, it would help if you had a shower curb.

The shower curb has a critical task, and that is keeping the build-up of the water during your routine and non-normal usage of your shower area.

It will keep you safe because the water splash from your bath will not make your entire floor get to soak up and make it slippery. 

To create a reliable and long-lasting shower curb, use the best material in making it.

How Wide Is A Schluter Curb?

Typically, the suggested width of a Schluter curb should be 38″ x 6″ x 4-1/2″ depending on the space of your shower is. 

Moreover, having reasonable shower curbs keep water contained in the shower area preventing accidents. A tremendous and well-made shower curb does all quality jobs; it means it prevents water leaks that make your bathroom tiles last longer. 

Buying quality materials for your bathroom, you are also investing in long-lasting use. Besides, quality products won’t get damaged that easily compare to low-quality shower materials. 

If you want to save your money and time, you better settle for quality bathroom materials. 

Hence, having a great shower curb will give you the best bathing experience and less stress.

How Many 2X4 Do I Need For A Shower Curb?

You need to have two or three pieces off 2×4 for your shower curb. The 2×4 is a very versatile material that you can work on different flooring types aside from wood. 

So, if you have a wood flooring bathroom, this would be the best fit for your bathroom.

Indeed, having a shower curb will help you a lot, preventing overflowing water and slippery floors. If you installed your shower curb correctly, you don’t need to worry about strolling while you’re getting out of your bathroom because you’re afraid you might slip. 

If you don’t know how to install it, you call for assistance or help from a professional installer of bathroom materials. 

Securing your bathroom safety is very vital when you are building one in your home.

Narrow Shower Curb

Bathroom design also develops through time. Remodeling your bathroom or any space in your home needs, you’re to have the proper preparation.

You need to think first about your family needs, safety, budget, and the amount of time it should finish.

The bathroom trending feature now is having a narrow shower curb; however, before generating this style in your bathroom, you need to consider first some factors.  

There are several advantages and disadvantages to having a narrow shower curb.

Advantages Of Narrow Shower Curb

1. Accessible To All Users

Today, you might have several generations of family members living at your home to reduce the cost of living. 

Installing a narrow shower curb in your home means that you value everyone’s safety, and it also becomes easy to access the shower room. 

If an elderly is living with or loved ones in a wheelchair, having a narrow shower curb will be helpful. 

Also, your bathroom will become an equal opportunity space for everyone living in the house.

2. It Is Easy To Clean

Reaching a small corner in your shower enclosure may be difficult, which might leave you bruises on your arms. 

So, removing the dirt in a narrow shower curb makes it easier for you to reach in when you’re cleaning the surface.

3. Creates Wider Space

Having narrow curbs gives you a more expansive space. You can use your shower space more effectively.

Also, you don’t need to worry about slipping while you’re getting out in the shower because your shower curb is not high.

4. Less Cost

Installing a narrow shower curb saves you paying a lot of money for materials and labor. You can keep costs basic and reduce the amount of time you might spend in developing your bathroom.
Also, you can use your money more on other important things inside your bathroom.

Disadvantages Of Narrow Shower Curb

1. Reduces Your Privacy

Your shower time is your opportunity to spend time and relax alone. However, having an open structure of the narrow shower curbs minimizes your privacy. 

To fix this issue, you can try using an obscure glass curtain or a glass block that you can sense a little privacy inside the bathroom.

2. It Becomes Flood Risk

Installing a narrow shower curb increases the water’s risk from the bathroom to flood into other areas of the homes. 

Mainly, if you like bathing harshly and pores a lot of water in yourself, fortunately, there are several options to reduce the risk of flooding in your bathroom.

You can install a glass block in your shower wall to block the splash of water while you’re bathing. Also, it prevents slimy tiles. 

Find an excellent bathroom glass that you can install in your shower area.

3. Cold

Since you don’t have a door inside your bathroom, your shower area may get cold, especially during winter. 

Hence, the solution for this is you can install heated flooring to make your bathroom feel warmer while you’re taking a bath. However, it’s another waste of money. 

Whereas establishing a shower curb lessens your problem because it will heat your shower area, you will experience quality shower time. 

Moreover, once you already weigh the advantages and disadvantages before installing any shower curb, you are now able to know which is best for your bathroom. 

Always think about your family or any other fellow you have in the home and the budget you have to install a shower curb. 

Either of these kinds of shower curbs will be more accessible to all or not. Always make sure that your shower curb is efficient and safe.


When you think of renovating their home, the bathroom is often the first place you may think of first. Everyone uses a bathroom, and has an attractive and clean bathroom makes it more comfortable to use. 

Installing the appropriate shower curb in your bathroom gives a more great edge and interest in your bathroom. If you’re just a new homeowner and you want to install your shower curb by yourself, it may take you long hours to finish the job. 

You should contact a professional to install it for you to have a precise and clean output, and you will be able to use your shower room in a short period.

Lastly, having the appropriate shower curb to your shower surface makes it easy and accessible to all users inside your home.


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