Can You Use an Extension Cord With a Microwave?

While you can only plug a microwave oven into an electrical outlet, extension cords are also allowed. However, be aware that they could be dangerous if you try to use them in a manner that poses a risk. Before you use an extension cord, ensure that the model you’re using has the correct specifications. You … Read more

How to Fix a Fiberglass Tub Crack (Plus Maintenance Tips)

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What’s The Difference Between Latex And Enamel Paint?

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Should Roof Vent Pipe Be Covered?

The roof vent pipe is integral to your home’s plumbing system. It’s usually attached to a drain, and it helps remove the exhaust gases from your house. Since this pipe also passes through your roof, should it be covered? Roof vent pipes should be covered to prevent leaks and increase the longevity of your pipe. … Read more

How Many LED Lights Can Go on a 15-Amp Circuit?

LED lights are an excellent substitute for traditional bulbs for your home. They use less wattage and are more energy efficient, which can help you save money. They can also prevent issues with your system when you overload. The number of LED lights you can put on a 15-amp circuit depends on the wattage of … Read more

How Much Does 2 Cubic Feet of Mulch Weigh?

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Should Crawl Space Vents Be Open or Closed?

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10 Ideas for How to Hide Extension Cords Outside

Extension cords are helpful, but nobody wants them tangled in the backyard. You can trip over them when you’re not extra careful. You can hide your extension cords using a particular barrier, such as a pool noodle or electrical tape. However, you should also ensure that the cable doesn’t produce excessive heat when activated. This … Read more