Shower Curb Height – All Info You Need to Know

Getting the appropriate shower curb height is essential for the successful installation of your shower threshold. The curb or the threshold is the one that keeps excess water while you shower.

It is the one that keeps the water away from the exterior bathroom. It works as a border between the shower area and the bathroom floor.

Have you continuously experienced mopping your bathroom floor because of the excess water from the shower? It is not just a hassle, but it can be dangerous too.

No matter how careful you are, we cannot stop unfortunate accidents from happening. The best thing to do is to prevent it or minimize the risks as much as possible. A simple slip in the shower can become dangerous.

Shower curbs are recommended to prevent your bathroom floor from being soaked by water. In building a curb, you must keep in mind the different methods to do its job for a longer time. You can either buy it or have it built by someone. Shower curbs are mostly made out of wood or concrete.

It is also beneficial when your pipe gets backed-up, or your drain gets clogged. If you have a reliable shower curb, you can contain the leaking or clogging problem within the shower area. Read further as we give you all the essential information that you need to know about shower curbs.

How high should a shower curb be?

The height of the shower curbs depends on the building codes of a place. Please take note that it is measured vertically outside the shower. Get the top of your shower floor’s final flooring and measure it vertically up to your desired curb height.

In the USA, they adhere to the minimum shower curb height of two inches above the drain. The maximum height of a shower curb can be no more than nine inches.

The building code ensures that the shower curb’s height is only a quarter-inch taller than the outside shower floor.

Moreover, you also have to consider if your shower floor slopes down to your drain. If it slopes down, you have to lessen the height of the shower curb. The two inches height requirement is given to make sure that it is enough to catch excess water but safe enough to avoid people from tripping.

How do you pitch a shower curb?

Showers are soaked in water, so if you are going to build a shower curb, it is recommended that to use pressure-treated lumbers. It is a material that is strong and water-resistant.

Some also use cement for their shower threshold. It is also advised to add a moisture barrier to keep the material from rotting because of being constantly soaked in water.

The curb must be slanted five degrees inward so that the water will flow towards the drain. If you are confident enough to build a shower curb on your own, you may follow the steps below.


  • 2×4 pressure treated lumbers (three to four pieces)
  • Concrete Screws
  • Anchors
  • Drilling tools
  • Tape measure
  • Cement
  1. Get the measurement of the whole opening of your shower. Make sure to get the precise measurements because you want to fill the shower opening snuggly.
  2. Cut the pressure treated lumbers using the measurement of the shower opening. Try fitting it on the opening and make some adjustments if it does not fit properly.
  3. Secure the first layer of lumber or the baseplate using quarter-inch anchors, or if you don’t have one, you can use concrete screws.
  4. Get the second lumber secure it at the top of your base plate using the screws. Make sure that you secure it properly and tightly.
  5. Put on your last layer of lumber or your top plate on top of the two lumbers and drill it tightly using the screws. You can add another layer of lumber if you want to make your shower curb higher.
  6. Add a layer of cement to the curb. You can add an inch thick of cement to the lumbers and flatten it using a flat trowel. If you still want to add tiles to cover the bare cement, you can also do so.

Should a shower curb have an overhang?

Shower curbs are not required to have an overhang, but it is a suggestion that you can certainly try. You can try to make a shower curb that overhangs the curb’s sides by half an inch. It will stop the excess water to not spill on the edges. It can also prevent people from tripping and slipping on the curb.

Schulter shower curb height

Schulter shower system has a curb height dimension of 48 inches by 6 inches. They offer clients a waterproofing system that will keep your shower curbs from rotting and will it away from mold growth.

The Schulter system can be your best option if you want watertight assembly for your tiled showers. It can be beneficial, especially if you are not good at crafting and constructing things independently. They will give you prefabricated materials that are quick and easy to install. It is lightweight, and you will no longer need to layer it with mortar or cement.

What to do if the shower curb is too high?

Shower curbs that are too high can cause some accidents. It can also be a hassle for kids and people in old age to step in higher every time they need to shower. If the curb is too high, you can repair it, but you need to tear it down first.

Check your shower curb if it is still in good condition. You may have purchased an old house, and there can be mold accumulation and leaks to be fixed. Tearing the whole shower curb and making it anew is an excellent solution if it is not constructed recently and damaged.

If you encountered a mishap while doing your shower curb and it is too high, sadly, you have to patch it up. You can tear the cement layer and then remove the lumber layers to achieve the height that you want. After you are satisfied with the curb’s height, patch it up with a layer of cement and put it on the tiles to finish the job.

You can always look for the help of professionals in this area to finish the work smoothly and efficiently. They can advise you about the height of the shower curb that will suit your bathroom, and they can handle the repairs faster.


As you plan to build a shower curb, you must keep in mind if it will suit your household. It may be a tripping hazard for kids or those with old age. You also have to consult with a building inspector to check if it is in line with the building code.

If you are not talented enough to build your shower curb from scratch, you can purchase a manufactured one. All you need to do is alter it to fit your shower and then have it installed. It will save you from some trouble, but you can still achieve quality results.

Building a shower curb may not be easy, but it can be not as hard as you think it would be with the right guide. With the right tools and materials, you can finish your project and achieve great results. Remember to buy and invest in suitable quality materials and follow the building codes to get the shower curb that will be amiable to your bathroom.


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