Can You Wear 14k Gold In The Shower? Will It Tarnish?

After 18k gold, 14k is the highest-karat gold. While it is not just a beautiful color, it is also convenient to wear all day long. However, can you wear 14k gold jewelry while in the shower?

You can wear 14k gold jewelry in the shower but you should keep it from the water to prevent its various elements from getting damaged. It is true, especially when the gold does not have a protective coating.

This article will discuss the various aspects of wearing 14k gold jewelry while in the shower.

Can You Wear 14k Gold In The Shower?

Although you can usually wear your 14K gold chain in the shower, it’s not a good idea to wear it daily since it can affect lifespan. Doing so could expose you to harmful chemicals.

Gold is prone to get tarnished due to various elements, such as sulfur, caused by exposure to moisture and heat. It is because our bodies constantly produce sweat, a considerable portion of our natural humidity.

The higher temperature of hot water can speed up the process of removing gold jewelry. In addition, it can cause the air to get too hot, which can affect the delicate pieces. To avoid damaging your precious jewelry, remove it from your body while in a hot bath or shower.

If you’re planning on wearing gold jewelry, ensure thoroughly air-dry it. It will allow it to be put on and used later.

Will 14K Gold Make Your Skin Green?

14k gold is known to have various metals that can oxidize and cause a green tint on the skin, such as copper, nickel, and zinc. While pure gold doesn’t react with anything, lower-grade gold such as 14k can respond to some aspects of the environment, which can cause a change in its color.

One of the typical metals added to gold is copper, which can turn green when exposed to moisture and oxygen.

It shouldn’t be considered mold and shouldn’t cause you to think you have a mold problem in your body. While you can use white vinegar to clean jewelry, you should not use it to clean other metals, such as steel, since it can affect them.

Some people have a gold reaction when exposed to certain chemicals. For instance, if stressed out, you might have a skin reaction to gold.

Since the other elements that can cause a change in its color aren’t gold, the metal won’t be affected by the green tint on the jewelry. Even heat won’t melt it, and its inherent quality will remain unaffected.

Does Gold-Plated Jewelry Get Damaged by Water?

Although you can bring gold-plated jewelry in the shower, wearing it’s not a good idea. It comprises a thin layer of gold and has various base metals such as silver and copper.

These durable and attractive gold-plated jewelry pieces are made of solid gold and mimic solid gold’s appearance. However, it’s possible that the gold coating could get scratched or even chip easily due to various conditions.

Most of the time, gold-plated jewelry is in the water, which can cause the gold layer to wear off entirely eventually.

How to Take Care of All Your Gold Jewelry?

Despite the popularity of silver, gold is still considered a timeless metal. It’s no secret that people love to wear gold jewelry. If you have a few gold pieces in your jewelry box, these tips will help preserve them appearing their best for a long time.

Do Not Get Your Gold Jewelry Wet

Before you bathe, clean, or polish your gold jewelry, exposure to chemicals and soaps can cause it to be dull. It can also scratch and break precious metal, a soft and easily damaged item.

If you plan on using your gold jewelry in a swimming pool, make sure that you take it off before going in. The chlorine from the water can permanently alter the color of the metal.

Keep your gold jewelry separate from other pieces of jewelry. Gold is a metal that can effortlessly scratch or bend if it comes in contact with other objects.

If you have limited space, try wrapping each piece of jewelry in a soft cloth. You should hang up gold chains to prevent them from getting tangled, which will help keep them from getting broken.

Even if your gold jewelry doesn’t need regular cleaning, it’s a good idea to buff it regularly. Doing so will help restore its shine and prevent it from getting damaged. You can gently rub the jewelry’s surface with a soft chamois cloth.

Use Mild Liquid Soaps

Mix warm water and dish detergent. It’s the best way to clean your gold jewelry because it’s less abrasive than other products. Add a few dish detergent splashes into a small bowl of warm water.

You can submerge your jewelry in a mixture of warm water and soap for up to three hours. Doing so will keep it clean, but it’s not recommended to over-clean it. You can leave it in for up to fifteen minutes if it’s not dirty.

If you have jewelry that has stones, do not submerge it in the cleaning solution. Instead, mix the mixture and use a soft cloth to clean it thoroughly.

One at a time will enable you to avoid scratching other jewelry while cleaning it. You can gently rub it with your fingers after dipping it in soapy water.

After thoroughly cleaning your gold jewelry, let the water run clear. It’s essential to ensure all traces of the solution are gone, especially if you’re cleaning an ornament-heavy piece.

Clean Your Gold Jewelry Every Few Months

Every couple of months, give your gold jewelry a deep clean. You can let it sit in a cleaning solution for a couple of hours before you can start scrubbing it.

Doing so frequently can lead to the breaking down the gold jewelry, which can cause it to spoil. It’s also essential to avoid over-cleaning your jewelry.

At jewelers, you can have your gold jewelry professionally cleaned and polished. Many of them will give you a free service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Take My Gold Jewelry Off?

If you only wear your 14k gold-filled jewelry occasionally, then it’s essential to remove it before you bathe, go to sleep, or swim. Doing so will help prevent the delicate surface of the metal from getting damaged if left unattended.

Gold jewelry is costly, and it will be a waste of money to be irresponsible in maintaining it.

Can I Shower With Vermeil Gold Jewelry?

Since vermeil gold jewelry can get affected by water, do not use it in showers. This type of jewelry comprises stainless steel with a layer of gold.

While both metals don’t rust, their layers of dirt and chemicals can cause them to lose their shine. Although steel doesn’t usually lose its shine, long-term exposure to the elements can lead to a loss.

Can I Wear Gold Jewelry in the Sea?

Wearing your favorite gold jewelry in the ocean is not a good idea. Aside from the gold, other elements, such as copper can also get damaged due to the presence of salt.

If you’re on the beach and don’t want to get into the water, you can rock your gold jewelry. However, if you’re planning on getting into the water, remove and store it in a dry and safe place.


Although you can wear 14k gold jewelry in the shower, keeping it away from the water is essential to stop it from getting damaged. It is especially true since the metal does not have a protective coating.

Constant exposure to water or moisture can damage gold jewelry and cause allergic reactions in some people. However, if you have 14k gold or silver jewelry coated in rhodium, you can safely use it while taking a bath.