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Rain-X is a brand of glass treatment manufactured for drivers, to give their vehicles a water-repellent coating that results in any liquid, hitting the surface applied with this treatment, to form into water beads that smoothly flows off. Rain-X has been in the market for long enough that their brand has expanded from automotive use and glass treatments to other types of markets. Their trademark for the shower and other home use has been a hit for homeowners too.

Though the brand has initially been for cars, it has a great deal more service to provide especially for homeowners. You may want to know what else could this product offer to you or you might ask, “Is there Rain-X for showers, tiles, or doors that you could use for your house?” Keep reading and you might be surprised what more the Rain-X can do for you.

Can I Use Rain-X on Shower Walls?

Yes, you can definitely use the Rain-X glass treatment on shower walls. After every shower, there will always be those droplets that get left behind that will also make the walls harder to clean, not to mention having shower glass compartments. But the Rain-X product is something more and more people have found helpful since its simple technology helps ease the burden of the droplets drying off and making glass walls in the shower murky.

There are so many undesirable things that could show up on your shower walls. When taking a shower, soap could build up on the walls, and once it is dry, it begins to form into soap scum that can, over time, be the source of bacteria, mold, and mildew build-up. In addition, if you have tiled walls, the spaces or grout between tiles can become unsightly in the long run and you will have to undergo a lot of strain in cleaning it.

The Rain-X formula will prove to be useful in such situations. You may use it after cleaning the wall and clearing it from any soap scum or droplets before things get funky and you find yourself facing the trouble of molds and the like. Applying Rain-X on the shower walls will not clean these things off but it will help prevent further development of these nuisances once it is applied.

Can You Use Rain-X on the Shower Tile?

The answer to that is yes, you can certainly use Rain-X on your shower tile. Just as mentioned above, Rain-X has expanded their products even for the homes. Rain-X works well on glass, ceramic, and you can expect the same performance from this product on tiles.

You can use Rain-X for your shower tiles and not worry about it leaving scratches on the shower walls and floors. Its water-repellent properties can definitely help your shower tiles dry easily and it is surely a must-have in the home especially in the shower. Rain-X does not waterproof your tiles though but the coating that characterizes it protects the tiles from being penetrated by water and moist.

Rain-X practice coating makes any surface hydrophobic. This is a very interesting description of Rain-X. This is due to the nanotechnology applied in its production.

As stated above, the coating makes water that hits the surface just swipe off on its own. Nanotechnology plays a part in this because it deals with controlling the molecules of matter. Water also has molecules and elements that the nanotechnology in Rain-X coating is able to manipulate.

Is Rain-X Good for Shower Doors?

Rain-X works well with glass since it is actually made for car windshields and such, so if it works for glass in a vehicle, it will also work on your glass shower doors. Most shower doors are made out of glass so you would not really have a problem with using Rain-X to get rid of the usual cleaning strains such as the water stains and soap scum that are commonplace each time you shower. But how about shower doors made of a different kind of material?

You may be asking yourself if the Rain-X solution will work for other materials as well? Luckily, this brand has been tried and tested in the market so that you can get information right here about what it could work on and what it could not. Knowing for yourself will help you save time and money especially if the situation turns out that the product will not be able to deliver the same results because the material used for your shower doors is not glass.

Frequently asked by consumers is if Rain-X can work with plastic since there are many plastic shower doors manufactured because they are actually cheaper. The answer is no. Although the company has expanded in the products they offer and released Rain-X Plastic Water Repellant, it can only be good to use for high-end types of plastic that can be found in airplanes, lighthouses, and the like that are not easily found in the materials making up a typical plastic shower door. Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent works in this array of plastic types: Lexan, Plexiglas, Lucite, Acrylics, and Polycarbonate.

How Long Does Rain-X Last on the Shower Door?

When you use Rain-X shower door water repellent you can expect it to still be in effect for a few weeks to about 60 days. Rain-X has technological advancements to protect shower glass doors from hard water stains and spots. When its efficacy starts to fade, you can just reapply it to your shower door.

In applying this product, make sure that the surface where you will apply the solution is clean and dry. Also, keep air flowing freely inside the shower by turning on the exhaust fan or opening windows. Get enough amount of the Rain-X solution on a cloth and wipe it into the surface.

Let the solution dry for a while and add another coating to get the best results. A slight haze should appear after each application. You can easily get rid of the haze by using a cloth or a paper towel to wipe things off.

Some people use a squeegee to coat their shower doors with Rain-X but you can simply use a small cloth or paper towel to wipe your shower doors. Since it does not wear off easily, a bottle of Rain-X shower door water repellent can last for about 3 months. The span of time you can use Rain-X before it wears off may also depend on the condition of the weather.

Does Rain-X Really Work?

Yes, it works! Come to think of it, the technology behind Rain-X is very simple and it does work. But the best way to know is to try it for yourself and if it works for you then that will be great since it will save you from the exhausting work of getting your shower cleaned up.

How Often Should You Apply Rain-X in the Shower?

Reapplication of Rain-X water repellent can be done once you notice the coat fading which can be 3 weeks to 60 days. It is best to have a regular application for the best results. Doing so can assuredly keep your shower clean and stain free.

As mentioned above about the extent of time Rain-X can last, it stays for a considerably long time before you use up all of it. There are indicators you can observe that can give you a hint on when is the best time to reapply your Rain-X water repellent on your shower. One pointer for reapplication is when the water does not slide off that swiftly anymore and when water stains start to appear.

What Are Rain-X Alternatives?

Rain-X alternatives are mostly known as homemade or DIY (do it yourself) water repellent. These kinds of solutions often vary from the conventional or established brands and they imitate or try to get close to the results brought by other water repellent products such as Rain-X. There are some easy experiments that you can do like creating your own water repellent solution by mixing liquid dishwashing soap, Isopropyl alcohol or any rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and water.

Water repellent fabric is also an option that is used to cover shower doors but this does not cover big spaces though and maybe a bit inconvenient. They do work as water repellent but have limited use for your shower. In case Rain-X is not available, you can totally try these alternatives.


The best thing about Rain-X water-repellant is the fact that it serves a different purpose at first but now, it is a surprisingly practical discovery that can be used in the homes. It has so many uses that could ease the day-to-day cleaning in the shower sessions which are quite stressful.

Still, Rain-X also has its limits. But its usefulness and overall benefits cannot be denied. If you are still skeptical about this product, you may want to try it in order to know for yourself if it is actually worth the praise of homeowners and car owners alike.


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