What Type of Drainage Pipe Should You Use Under the Driveway?

Since no one likes having a pond in their driveway, it’s essential to consider the type of pipe used under it. It will help prevent water from flowing through and eventually settling on your foundation.

If you plan on installing drainage pipes under your driveway, make sure they are corrugated or PVC. These are the most challenging type of pipes and have better drainage capacity. They will also prevent your vehicle from blocking the home entrance and installation area.

Read on and learn what drainage pipe you should use under the driveway!

What Is a Drainage Pipe?

A drainage system comprises various components, such as pipes and valves. These are present to remove excess water and other fluids from your property. These pipes also play a vital role in supporting the surfaces and sub-structures of your walls and driveway.

Various drainage pipes move water from one place to another. Some will transport water from the ground’s surface, while others are for underground transport.

The type of pipe you choose for your drainage system depends on its purpose. It is because if the price is the main factor that you consider, then it might lead to unpleasant results.

Various Pipes That Are Perfect to Install Under Your Driveway

Although the drainage pipe for your driveway should comprise durable and non-contaminated materials, you should choose the appropriate type for your area.

For instance, if you have a corrugated or PVC pipe under the driveway, you can use it. Below are two types of drainage pipes commonly used under the driveway.

PVC Drainage Pipe

Drainage pipes made of PVC are standard in homes and businesses for outdoor and indoor use. You can install a drainage system using these pipes if you have a driveway.

Many materials used to make PVC pipes originate from synthetic plastic polymers. These are ideal for exterior drainage, as they can withstand external weather and are easy to clean. In addition, they are also very resilient, which means they can consume more debris and residue than indoor pipes.

There are various types of pipes that you can choose from when it comes to installing a drainage system under your driveway. One of these is the unplasticized PVC-U pipe, which is a type of pipe that doesn’t have plastic material in it. It makes it an ideal choice for driveways.

C-PVC pipes are commonly used for drainage in homes and are also widely used under driveways. Their various features, such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and durability, make them an ideal choice for driveway drainage.

An improved version of this material, PVC-O pipes, is also commonly used for drainage systems. They are more durable and have better impact resistance and wear resistance. These pipes are ideal for handling heavy vehicles under the driveway.

Corrugated Drainage Pipe

Drainage pipes made from corrugated metal have multiple ridges and grooves. These are ideal for joints and bends and are more stable than the outdoor system.

Corrugated pipes are an excellent choice if you plan on having a drainage system under your driveway. They are easy to lodge and can be of great value.

One of the most standard types of corrugated pipes used for drainage is the dual-wall corrugated pipe made of high-density polyethylene. This type of pipe has exceptional strength and rigidity.

The exterior wall of a building is there to endure various external factors and internal elements. On the other hand, the interior wall is flexible and can carry the water to the main drain.

Cast Iron

Although plastic pipes have replaced cast iron, many new homeowners still choose to use it.

This material used to be the choice for outdoor drainage, but plastic pipes have since replaced it. Cast iron can be hard to work with and eventually rust over time.

Perforated Drain Pipe

Corrugated and PVC pipes can be either solid or perforated. These are famous for removing rainwater from the outside surfaces of homes. Drainage pipes are also commonly utilized in areas such as lawns and yards.

These pipes will remove rainwater from your garden. They are also ideal for driveways due to their improved performance and rigidity.

Perforated pipes are ideal for multiple drainage systems with various holes and slots around their surface. They let water flow into and out of the system quickly, which is beneficial during the rainy season. It is also ideal for areas where you expect the best performance.

Factors to Determine for Picking the Best Drainage Pipe Under Driveway

Before you start looking for the best drainage pipe for your driveway, it’s essential that you thoroughly understand the various factors that affect its performance.

For instance, the weight of the pipe, the amount of water it can handle, and the exterior temperature of the vehicle are some of the factors you should consider.

Drainage Water Volume

The water you want to remove from the drainage pipe will affect the type of pipe to use. For instance, if you want a larger diameter pipe, then a 12-inch PVC pipe might be more effective than a 5-inch drain pipe.


The area’s temperature changes can affect your drainage pipe’s performance. In cold seasons, the lower temperature can lead to the degradation of PVC pipes, which can cause them to freeze.

If you live in a place with a temperature change of more than 10 degrees, you should consider installing a drainage pipe with tiny holes.

Vehicle Weight

When it comes to the weight-bearing capacity of your drain pipe, it’s essential to consider how it will hold up under the weight of your vehicle as it passes through your driveway several times a day.

The weight of a vehicle can vary depending on its make and model. For instance, if you have a heavy car, you might want to consider installing a drainage pipe made of PVC, or if you have a corrugated or perforated pipe, make sure that it can take the weight of the vehicle for a long time.

What Are the Styles of Drainage Pipe Under Your Driveway?

Aside from the materials, there are also styles for installing drainage pipes under your driveway. Below are some of the most famous techniques:

Single Wall Corrugated

Corrugated pipes are typically easy to install and flexible, making them an ideal alternative to regular tubes. However, their high risk of getting blocked and their steep angles make them unsuitable for drainage.

Smooth Wall

These are commonly used for single-direction water transfer and have a smooth interior surface. But, it is more challenging to install compared to winding pipe styles.

Dual Wall Corrugated

A dual wall corrugated drainage pipe compromises single-wall and smooth wall drainage pipes. Although they are not as flexible as single-wall pipes, dual-wall drainage pipes are usually more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Run Drainage Pipe Under Driveway?

There are three significant steps: outline the plan for your drainage system, create the trench you will utilize, and install the pipes.

A driveway drainage pipe is a type of pipe that runs underneath a driveway. It ends in a ditch, carrying the water from the nearby roads and yards to a nearby soil drainage point.

Usually, this type of pipe carries the water from the nearby areas to the soil at the end of the draining ditch.

How Deep Should the Drain Pipe Be Under Driveway?

When selecting a material for your driveway, it is essential to consider the weight of the vehicles that will be using it. Having drainage pipes 12 inches below the concrete surface will help minimize the weight the lines carry.


If you plan on having drainage pipes under your driveway, make sure they are made of PVC or corrugated. These are the most challenging type of pipes and have better drainage capacity. They will also prevent your vehicle from blocking the installation area.

Whether you intend to construct a new or replace the old one, the type of pipe you choose should be something you consider.

Choosing a suitable drainage pipe for a particular area is important because different types of drains are not the same. An excellent drainage pipe will help keep your driveway looking its best for many years.