What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod?

Typically, the standard length of a shower curtain is 72 inches long, so you need to have a 75 up to 77 inches curtain rod to keep your curtain away from touching your bathroom floor. 

The primary use of your shower curtain rod is to keep your curtain into its standard length, which provides you with less water splash on your bathroom floor.

It is a common fact that when we take a shower, we can’t avoid splashing water all over the place. To lessen the water splash, you need to install your curtain with a standard shower curtain rod.

Indeed, the shower curtain is an excellent addition to your bathroom, creating a soft, warm, and cozy atmosphere inside. 

Also, shower curtains provide you safety. It is the one that prevents your bathroom floor from getting slippery that may cause accidents inside the room.

Now, if you’re looking for a guide to help you choose a standard shower rod for your curtains, below are some insights that might help you with your problem.

So, if you want to purchase a standard curtain rod for your bathroom, you can read more below!

Standard Shower Curtain Rod Height

How high should you install a shower curtain? 

Generally, a shower curtain is designed with different sizes, colors, and textures that may suit your style. Installing it in the curtain rod doesn’t have a fixed height measurement. 

It is because its height will depend on what look you want to achieve when you’re installing a shower curtain rod.

So, to achieve the look that you dream for your bathroom, you need to consider several things before installing standard curtain rods and your shower curtains. 

It will help if you consider the minimum and the curtain’s maximum height that your bathroom required.

Your curtain must have a standard length of 70-72 inches and square. However, some shower curtains are shorter than a traditional curtain. 

It would be best if you purchase a shower curtain that should compensate for your shower room area.

After that, you can proceed by distinguishing the height of the hook drops your curtain needs. 

Mostly, the curtain hook drop must be 1 inch long, which gives your curtain enough length to fall without touching the ground. 

The next thing to consider is you need to determine the exterior and interior height of your tub or shower lip. 

To help you to determine the accurate measurement, you may start measuring the distance between your tub/shower lip from the floor to it’s top. 

Furthermore, you also need to know the certain length that should overlap your tub/shower lip. 

Mostly, it has a minimum of 1 inch and a maximum of 5-inch overlap between your curtain and your tub/shower lip. 

However, it will still depend on the area’s dimension to install a standard curtain rod.

Where Should A Shower Curtain Rod Be Placed?

Your shower rods and shower curtains are designed to prevent water from splashing the entire bathroom floor. Also, they are used to protect your bathroom floor from rotting.

If you want to protect your bathroom floor while taking a bath, hang your shower curtain rod in the right place.

Placing the right tool in its proper place is very important when it comes to decorating your home. 

Keeping the right item for your bathroom will not just enhance the surface, but also it’s adding convenience to the room. 

Your shower curtain may seem to be an insignificant part of your bathroom, but installing proper material for your bathroom will surely make a lot of difference. 

But, where should a shower curtain rod be placed?

It is one of the common questions that may come to your mind while you’re thinking about installing your shower curtains.

The place where you put your shower curtain is in the shower rod. You need to make sure that you choose only the best shower curtain rod that will assist your curtains in holding in place.

Placing a proper curtain rod will give a positive result afterward.

Moreover, if you want to achieve your curtains’ accurate placement in the curtain rod, make some measurements. 

Being a meticulous homeowner is not a bad habit; placing the right measurement of the tools you want to install is very important.

Especially if you want to make your time worth it, by putting the exact measure of your curtain rod, you’ll be able to enjoy your improved bathroom in no time.

How Far From The Floor Should The Curtain Hang?

Your curtain length primarily depends on your personal preference.

If you have long panels, the curtain’s hems can quickly be worn, and if they are not long enough, they will look awkward, like skinny legs.

To get the curtain’s exact length, you may first measure the area you’re going to hang your curtains.

Generally, the standard shower curtain measurement above the floor is 72 inches. Still, if you have higher sealing in your bathroom, your shower curtains’ placement above the floor will differ. 

It is best that before you hang your curtains, you already plan the dimension of the area of placement. 

Additionally, placing accurate measurements of your shower rod makes the places more attractive to the user.

shower curtain

How Far Into The Tub Should A Shower Curtain Hang?

If you neglect to place your shower curtain in its appropriate place, it will become your future problem.

It is why you need to measure it strictly so you won’t waste your time and money.

The standard tubs often have a depth of 12 to 14 inches, unless you have it custom-made. 

If you’re planning to install a shower head, it should sit about 80 inches above the tub floor or 8 inches up the wall.

Indeed, planning to improve your bathroom is challenging. If enhancing your bathroom makes you happy, go for it, so measuring everything will not be a big deal for you.

How Tall Is A Standard Shower?

A shower height and clearances are designed based on your shower safety, comfort, and usability.

There is no exact standard when it comes to how tall your shower should be. 

However, if you decide to install a new shower, you need to consider some factors like the range of your body type, age, grab bars, and showerhead length.

Knowing these factors can guide you in placing your shower at the right place. 

In general, the standard height of a shower is 80 inches. This measurement varies, depending on what type of shower head product you have. 

So, if you tend to install a rain shower, it should be installed higher than you, so that you’ll get the full experience of the material.

If you buy a handheld shower product, you must install it at a reachable height for you to have easy access to the object.

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside Or Outside The Tub?

There are two unique ways to answer this question. 

First, if you’re using your tub, your shower curtain must go inside so that the water won’t flood the floor, making it slippery.  

Second, if you’re not using it, you can take your shower curtain outside the tub or open it so that it will give your bathroom a spacious effect. 

Moreover, considering these two answers might prevent you from hurting yourself since having a slippery bathroom can cause future accidents.

How To Hang A Shower Curtain Rod?

Many questions might cross your mind on how to hang your shower curtain rod. Having a lot of questions is natural since you’re not used to the job. 

So, following the instruction on installing a shower curtain rod is fundamental, but you don’t need to worry because I know you can do it. 

Here are the basic instructions on how to hang your shower curtain rod virtually to guide you along the installing process.

1. Know What Type Of Shower Rod You Need

There are two types of the shower curtain rod, the tension rod and mounted rod. 

A tension rod is ideal for you if you don’t want to drill your bathroom tiles; at the same time, this is the best use for a smaller shower area.

If you want to use a mounted shower rod, you need to drill your tile to place the rod accurately. Also, this is ideal if you have curve bathtubs.

2. Measurement The Distance

In measuring the distance between your bathroom walls, use a tape measure to correctly place your shower rod.

If you’re going to buy a shower rod, make sure that its length is longer than your wall’s span for better grip. 

Furthermore, placing a balanced shower rod makes your bathroom look edgy and comfy.

3. Mark The Height Of Your Bracket

If you are done selecting the location of your wall to install your shower rod. You can now proceed to mark the proper height where you’re going to install your shower rod’s bracket. 

Also, be mindful if you have oversized brackets, hold the frame over, and then trace it to the bottom using the pencil to give you exact reference when you start drilling in the wall. 

Then, you can repeat this procedure to the other side of the wall.

4. Start Installing The Bracket

If you bought a bracket with an adhesive component, clean your wall first before you peel off the frame, then press it into the wall heavily. 

Hence, if you buy a bracket that needs you to use drilling tools, put masking tape over it to make the device stay in its place during the process. 

Then repeat this process to the opposite wall.

5. Lock The Shower Rod

To lock your shower rod firmly, twist it on both sides of the wall until it gives you a firm grip. Then, you can now proceed with hanging your shower curtains.

If you are still unsure, you can watch the following video:


In summary, One material that makes the bathroom attractive is installing a beautiful shower curtain. To do that, you need to use a shower curtain rod that is 75 up to 77 inches long, so it fits standard curtains.

Typically, improving your bathroom surface creates a new feeling that makes it desirable to use. 

Installing your shower curtain rod is not that hard, especially if you follow the instructions carefully. 

It will just take you a couple of hours to finish the job, and then you can now enjoy your new comfortable place. 

Lastly, improving your bathroom atmosphere creates a satisfaction that makes you want to use it every day.


Image credits – Photos by Andrea Davis and Joyful on Unsplash

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