Toilet Too Far From Wall? Here Are Some Solutions

Toilets are typically the center of any bathroom, but they are also the starting point for designing a space. Building codes require that specific components must be in a way that’s appropriate for their area. Putting the wrong toilet can lead to issues such as not working correctly and making the room look uncomfortable.

An offset flange is the easiest way to fix a toilet being too far from the wall, though moving the waste pipe and tank can be costly and time-consuming. You should install all toilets at least 15 inches from the center of the room and the wall behind the tank. 

Below are the solutions you can resort to when encountering this problem.

How Flanges and Piping Work

Before you start moving a toilet, it’s essential to consider the various components of the system, such as the toilet’s flanges. Understanding how these connect to the sewage system is also necessary. An offset flange can be a great solution.

Your toilet will have a hole designed to allow a pipe to enter it, whether through the city sewage system or a sewage depository. This pipe is usually steel, and it’s the main component of the underground sewage system.

One of the biggest concerns about moving a toilet is connecting the pipe and the sewage system. If you don’t correctly position the bathroom on the PVC pipe, it could cause it to leak.

A straightforward way to avoid this issue is by using a toilet flange. You can easily install this flexible pipe to position the toilet correctly.

Unfortunately, a traditional flange isn’t ideal if you have a gap between the tank and the wall. An offset flange is a type of pipe designed to resemble a funnel. It has holes at the bottom that secure the line.

Determining Toilet Placement

While it’s essential to position the toilet as close to the drywall as possible, it’s also important to consider other factors affecting its functionality. For instance, it should never move if the toilet is near the sewage system.

Ensure that the space between the walls is enough to accommodate both the left and right sides of the toilet. Doing so will allow you to move it without compromising its comfort.

The wall and the flange should not be too close to each other, as this kind of positioning can affect the operation of the waste pipe and the plumbing system. Also, the space between the wall and the t toilet should be enough to allow it to fit in.

Unless you have a private bathroom, you must consider all of your guests and family members when planning the bathroom. Consider the location of the cold water line. This line is essential to ensure that the toilet is connected to this line, as it would create a big functional issue.

Another vital factor to consider is the direction of your door. Having the toilet positioned too close can cause it to swing open and hit the door. Having the door left wide enough for the bathroom to open correctly will allow you to avoid this issue.

If you plan to have the toilet on the sidewalls, you should place it between 15 and 18 inches away from the sidewalls and the bowl’s center.

The proposed distance between the wall and the t toilet should also be at least 24 inches. Also, make sure that it’s at least 30 feet away from the urinals and bidets. You either get quality measuring materials for measurements like this or ask for expert plumbers to help you with it.

Toilet Too Far From Wall? Here Are Some Solutions

Before you start to move a toilet, you must consider the various factors that will affect its position. For instance, the distance between the walls and the bathroom needs to be specific.

Utilize an Offset Flange

PlumBest C54402R 3 4-Inch PVC Offset Closet Flange with Plastic Swivel Ring Less Knockout, White

One of the most manageable routes to get around the distance from the toilet to the wall is using an offset flange. This component allows the toilet to move a couple of inches freely regardless of direction.

A type of flange, usually shaped like a mini tuba, is used to create a barrier between the drainage pipe and the toilet. This design allows you to move the toilet without affecting its connection to the main drainage pipe.

Traditional methods require that the toilet’s position be stable, preventing it from being transferred without affecting its relation to the line.

Before you start using an offset flange, you must protect your bathroom floor using towels and newspapers. These materials can cover the bottom completely and prevent it from getting damaged.

Before you start using an offset flange, you must protect your bathroom floor using towels and newspapers. To remove the water supply hose, you’ll need first to remove the toilet. After that, you’ll need to remove the nuts and bolts that keep the toilet from falling onto the floor.

To secure the connection of the rubber gasket, add a rubber seal to the holes in the side of the offset flange. Position the toilet back in place by aligning its openings with the bolt of the offset component. Turn on the valve after connecting the water supply hose to the main water supply.

Relocate the Waste Pipe

Although it’s an acceptable solution, it’s not the best idea to relocate the waste pipe. Doing so would be very expensive and would involve moving the entire line. If you’re only planning on doing this for a couple of inches, it’s not worth it.

If you want to relocate the toilet ultimately, it’s essential to remove the entire floor and the surrounding structure. Doing so will let you avoid the toilet issue being too far from the wall.

You can also use an offset flange to fix the problem. Aside from the floor, you also need to remove the surrounding structure and the subfloor.

Changing the pipes’ direction is also a job that a professional plumber can handle. Doing it yourself would be very challenging and not something considered an easy project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix a Toilet That Leaks Around the Base?

The quickest way is to replace the wax ring. The bottom of the toilet may be leaking, which means that the wax ring between the base and the flange is damaged.

To check the wax ring, remove the toilet from its flange by loosening the bolts of the bowl. If the wax ring is damaged, replace it. There are plenty of affordable but high.

How Do You Move a Toilet Away From a Wall?

You can use an offset flange to move a toilet from the wall to further placement. A vertical wastewater pipe is usually under the toilet to move the wastewater away. An offset toilet flange can allow you to move the toilet in any direction without digging a new hole in the floor.


If your toilet is too far from the wall is your main issue, the best way to solve it is to use an offset flange, move the toilet itself or reposition the waste pipe. You need help from professionals when dealing with this kind of home improvement.

The standard distance from the wall to the back of the toilet is 12 inches. However, if the toilet’s placement is further away from the wall, it can make it difficult to open the door and make the bathroom feel smaller. A straightforward solution is to move the toilet.