Storing a Lawn Mower Outside (Best Practices)

It can be risky to store your lawn mower outside due to its potential to get damaged by the elements. Fortunately, it’s possible to hold it in the open, and you can prevent it from getting ruined.

If you don’t have the choice to store your lawn mower inside, you can keep it in a plastic garden storage box or a waterproof cover outside. It will allow you to protect it from the elements and keep it in good condition. But, before utilizing this method, you must ensure it is properly maintained.

Below are some of the best practices for storing a lawn mower outside.

Storing a Lawn Mower Outside: What Will Happen?

A lawn mower is comprised of metal and plastic parts. Some models come with a powder coating that shields the body from various types of dirt and corrosion. However, you can use other durable components such as aluminum to prevent the body from getting damaged.

After a while, some parts of your lawn mower may have started breaking, and the paint is peeling. If you stored it outside, it could get damaged. I suggest you cover these parts immediately and then re-paint them if needed.

The only part of your lawn that’s exposed is the steel blade, which is the part that cuts the grass. It’s known that these blades are more prone to getting damaged sooner than other parts. Even if you have covered the entire lawn with a waterproof cover, moisture could still seep in.

Since your cover might not be able to prevent the blades from getting damaged, you should try using a rust prevention liquid. It will help stop the process of rusting once it’s applied to the edges.

Storing a Lawn Mower Outside (Best Practices)

Before you store your lawn care equipment outside, it’s essential to consider some crucial factors. First, you should ask yourself if it’s a good idea to keep it for long-term or short-term use.


Short-term storage or routine maintenance program is ideal for keeping your lawn mower running for a few weeks. It will allow the engine to get the proper lubrication and keep it working correctly.

Using a waterproof cover, you can also store your lawn mower outdoors during the season. It will allow it to be safe and protect itself from the natural elements. You can additionally place it under an overhead.

A portable tent or a plastic storage box can make your lawn mower’s makeshift solution.

You can also use a durable, affordable cover for your lawn mower. The rigid body will protect your machine from UV rays and water. It should fit all standard-sized models.


If you have a gas-powered lawn mower, ensure that you drain all the gas. Also, ensure the spark plugs are clean and prevent accidental starts.

To keep the blades sharp, remove them and store them inside a place that can’t get rid of moisture. Wear gloves when handling edges since they’re incredibly sharp.

Before you start using your lawn mower, make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned. Also, make sure that you don’t store it dirty. It can accelerate the buildup of rust. If you have oil or fuel in the machine, ensure it’s upright so it doesn’t spill.

After all the regular maintenance, you can now store your lawn mower outside. It will allow you to enjoy the winter season as long as you follow the abovementioned steps.

How Do You Store Different Kinds of Lawn Mower Outside?

Different lawn mowers need a different kind of care, so below are some of the essential storage tips that you can follow:

Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers

The most sensitive part of a lawn mower is its fuel. When it starts to degrade, it can lead to the formation of a clog in the system. To avoid this, you should add a fuel stabilizer.

Electric Lawn Mowers

One of the most important things that you should consider when protecting the power cable of an electric lawn mower is keeping it away from water. You need to isolate them from water sources.

Battery-powered Lawn Mowers

When keeping your battery-powered lawn mower in its original condition, please remove it from its case and store it inside your home.

You should not store these batteries outside for a prolonged period. You should preserve them at room temperature and away from heat sources.

Storing Law Mowers Outside in Different Seasons

Since your lawn mower is for outdoor use, it has a high level of protection against natural elements. It means that leaving it outside may not cause it to get damaged.

When leaving out your lawn mower for the season, it’s essential to consider its limits. Over time, the humidity can cause the frame to get damaged, which can lead to your machine’s end.

Hot Weather

Although experts wouldn’t advise leaving your lawn mower outside in the sun, it’s still not as bad as it could be. It’s designed to endure the effects of the sun and can still lead a rough life.

But, you should not leave your lawn mower in the heat. It can still affect the plastic parts. It could cause them to become brittle, or they could even wear out faster. Also, while leaving your vehicle in the sun is not ideal, it’s usually safe to do so.

Stormy Weather

Letting your lawn mower outside when it’s raining is generally a great idea, but it’s also understandable if you accidentally leave it out. It can be easy to overlook that it’s there when you have other things to attend to.

You mustn’t allow water to get into your gasoline and oil tanks. Doing so could contaminate the fuel and make it unusable. Before you mow, you should first remove the containers from your tank.

Your lawn mower could get damaged after it was left outside. Some of its parts could eventually rust.

Winter Season

The risk of your lawn mower getting damaged during the winter is more significant due to the cold and wet weather. It can also be hard to mow over wet lawns.

Although I wouldn’t advise people to leave their lawn care equipment outside during the winter, it’s cool to think about doing so. You can check out my article about keeping your outdoor equipment in good shape for the long run.

If you’re planning on storing your lawn equipment outside during the winter, make sure you have a protective cover. Without one, you could end up with costly damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Store My Lawn Mower Vertically?

It depends on the kind of lawn mower you have. A winter-proofed lawn mower can be stored vertically, which is good news since it won’t contain harmful fluids. Also, electric lawn mowers are becoming more popular due to their various features.

These gas-powered machines have unique features that prevent the fuel from leaking in the upright position. However, if you have an older gas-powered model, it’s not ideal for keeping it vertically.

What Is the Best Place to Store a Lawn Mower?

If you have a garage or a storage unit, then storing your lawn mower inside is the best option. It will allow it to remain dry and avoid exposure to the elements. You can also keep it in a basement, or a backyard shed.

The ideal place to store your lawn mower is away from the elements and away from wind and cold.


You can store your lawn mower inside a plastic storage box or a waterproof cover. It will allow you to protect your car from the natural elements and keep it looking its best. The climate in your area and the length of time you need to store it will also affect the operation of the machine.

If you’re planning on investing in a wooden shed, keep away any equipment used to heat or cool your homes, such as a water heater or a cooling unit. Also, please keep it away from any other flammable materials.