Should You Wallpaper Behind a Bathroom Vanity?

As an adult, a gratifying activity is when you upgrade specific areas in your house, like the bathroom. There are factors to consider, such as using paint or wallpaper on the walls and vanity.

In most cases, putting wallpaper behind your bathroom vanity is a great idea. But, take into consideration the humidity in your house. If there’s too much moisture, the wallpaper might peel off.

This blog post will teach you the pros and cons of bathroom wallpaper and the mistakes you must avoid for a perfect installation.

Should You Wallpaper Behind a Bathroom Vanity?

Before going to the nearest hardware store or shopping online for wallpaper, you must know their advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros or advantages of installing wallpaper behind a bathroom vanity:

Covers Imperfections

Even if you think that your walls will stay perfectly flat for a long time, they can still get messed up due to various factors. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue by covering them with beautiful wallpaper.

While there are many ways to flatten a wall, adding high-quality wallpaper is a quick and easy fix you can apply.

More Affordable

It is not always possible to repaint or renovate rooms in your home like the bathroom. However, you can still imitate the high-end materials without breaking the bank with wallpaper.

Wallpaper might be the best alternative if you don’t have the money to get your vanity repainted. It can be easily bought and installed for less money.

It’s Durable

Having wallpaper installed behind your bathroom vanity is a significant investment. But it would be best to make sure that the wallpaper you will avail of is of the highest quality. It will last for a long time and will be a wise investment.

On the other hand, here are the cons or disadvantages of having wallpaper behind the bathroom vanity:

Moisture Sensitive

Getting rid of the view of chipped bathroom paint and replacing it with wallpaper is a great idea. But, it’s super important to keep in mind that it can get damaged due to the moisture in your bathroom.

The moisture in the air will eventually cause the material to peel away, which will look bad. It is essential to have an exhaust fan to keep the wallpaper safe.

You can also look for waterproof wallpaper that is tried and tested by your friends or people online. It will give you the security that the wallpaper will not fade in a week or two.

Attracts Stains

If you have a plumbing issue, it can cause walls to get stained. It is especially true if the problem involves an overflowing sink.

And when you accidentally damage one part of your wallpaper, it will ruin it entirely as a whole. It’s essential to prepare to replace new wallpaper in your bathroom.

Prone to Molding

Dark areas in your bathroom are especially prone to mold. If you add wallpaper to a house, remove them before becoming hazardous. A mold remediation specialist can help you get rid of them.

Wallpaper Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Buying wallpaper and picking the colors and patterns you want is easy. Installing them needs patience and skills. So before putting your wallpaper on any part of your house, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Not Lining the Walls

Before installing a luxury wallcovering, make sure that you do your research and hire a skilled wallpaper installer. The latter can help you line the walls and ensure that everything will be perfect.

Before applying a new layer of paint or a new type of wallpaper, making sure to line the walls is a good idea. This method helps prevent unevenness and helps protect the surface.

You don’t want a patterned wallpaper on your bathroom walls and vanity that will annoy you because of its unevenness.

Going With Cheaper Wallpaper

You should avoid skimping on the installation but not buy cheap wallpaper. Doing so will save you more money in the future.

When you go to the hardware or wallpaper store, ask the experts what kind of wallpaper you should buy. You need to address this issue, especially when putting it behind the bathroom vanity.

It would be best to go with the more expensive ones that will last a long time and are waterproof.

Not Reading the Wallpaper Instruction

When you decide to install the wallpaper yourself, you need to read the instructions patiently. Each wallpaper has different instructions, so be aware of that.

A good quality, resilient, and textured wallcovering should be treated with care. Make sure to use the correct amount of glue when applying the paper. Oversaturating the wallpaper with too much glue could cause it to slide down the walls.

Failing to Do Dry Runs

People make a common mistake in installing the wallpaper without planning and dry runs. You can do it through a dry layout, where the installer is onsite to help make the changes.

Ensuring that the wallpaper will look good on your walls should be your number one priority. You can quickly call out some bad decisions regarding the colors or patterns when you do dry runs.

Not Measuring the Wall

Before buying wallpaper, make sure that the measurements are correct. Of course, you can cut them, but there will be times when they will not be straight.

No measurement means that it will prevent any beautiful details from being cut off after finishing the project. You can ask your handyman friends or hire a professional to help you measure the walls before buying wallpaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Wallpaper Behind A Sink?

Yes, you can put wallpaper behind the sink. A bathroom wallpaper backsplash provides some protection from water, and a layer of caulk or silicone can help keep the surface from getting damaged.

Where Do You Start When Wallpapering a Bathroom?

Start with the bathroom vanity because it is supposedly the driest part of the room. With a pencil, mark the start point of the first panel on the wall. Then, draw a straight vertical line using a pencil and level. It will help guide the paper’s hanging.

Can You Seal Wallpaper to Make It Waterproof?

You can seal a wallpaper to make it waterproof. If you can’t find a splash-safe wallpaper online, you can easily add a coat of varnish on top of a regular but high-quality one.

This required method will keep the moisture out and prevent it from getting damaged. You can buy a lot of affordable wallpaper sealants online.

How Do You Protect a Wall Behind a Sink?

To protect a wall behind the sink, installing a backsplash is necessary. A backsplash is a type of vertical extension mounted on a counter. You install this to protect the wall behind the sink from water damage.

Does Removable Wallpaper Work in Bathrooms?

Yes, removable wallpaper works in bathrooms. However, you need to ensure first that the moisture in the area is not excessive.

The reason for this is that the wallpaper installed will peel off. You can purchase a lot of good-quality wallpaper in physical stores that will not get screwed over once stuck on your bathroom wall.


Should you wallpaper behind a bathroom vanity? Yes, you should. But, there is a condition to this matter. You can only do this kind of renovation when it’s not too humid in your area. The heat can melt the paste that binds the wallpaper on your bathroom walls.

When this happens, you will spend more money than you originally planned by having to redo your wallpaper.