Connecting PVC To Cast Iron: Complete Guide

Getting PVC pipes and cast iron pipes connected is relatively easy. A few tools are required to do it, and you can find most of them in your garage. Before you start connecting PVC pipes to cast iron, remove the existing ones. Use a no-hub connection to join the two pipes. Secure the connectors using … Read more

Bathtub Faucet Won’t Turn Off (How to Fix)

A bathtub is one of the world’s most peaceful and relaxing places. It allows us to take a break from our busy lives and relax. However, it can also get frightening if we don’t turn off the water after taking a bath. To fix a bathtub faucet that won’t turn off, you can either tighten … Read more

5 Good Alternatives to Plumber’s Putty

You can meet a wide range of plumbing needs with plumbing putty, a versatile material that you can use for various applications. This tool is ideal for every professional who needs a durable and affordable device. Its long-lasting softness and ease of removal make it a must-have for any bathroom. Five good alternatives to plumber’s … Read more

What Type of Drainage Pipe Should You Use Under the Driveway?

What Type of Drainage Pipe Should You Use Under the Driveway

Since no one likes having a pond in their driveway, it’s essential to consider the type of pipe used under it. It will help prevent water from flowing through and eventually settling on your foundation. If you plan on installing drainage pipes under your driveway, make sure they are corrugated or PVC. These are the most … Read more