Can I Shower if My Septic Tank Is Full?

Not exactly the most thrilling topic to discuss, but in modern homes, the drain systems are often bland. Unless there’s an issue with the toilet or the bath is not working correctly, most people focus on the plumbing. Technically, you can shower if your septic tank is full. However, it’s not an appropriate practice to … Read more

Is It Safe to Live in a House After Mold Remediation?

Many people are nervous and confused after experiencing a mold scare. As the professionals perform mold extraction in your home, you might be unable to return to your house after all. After mold remediation, it’s generally safe to reoccupy your home once the work completes. However, it’s important to ensure that mold removal was done … Read more

Storing a Lawn Mower Outside (Best Practices)

It can be risky to store your lawn mower outside due to its potential to get damaged by the elements. Fortunately, it’s possible to hold it in the open, and you can prevent it from getting ruined. If you don’t have the choice to store your lawn mower inside, you can keep it in a … Read more

How To Hide a Dryer Vent Hose Easily

While cleaning your laundry room, add some style to it by hiding your dryer vent hose. It will help keep the equipment looking its best while also adding your unique touch. You can hide a dryer vent hose using a curtain, faux beam, cabinet, slat panel, muslin slack, and zip ties. However, ensure that what … Read more

How to Fix an Uneven Shower Pan (Not Level or Moves)

Since most people don’t want to stand on a sloped surface while taking a bath, having an uneven shower pan can be very dangerous and frustrating. An uneven shower floor can create pools of water that won’t drain. This issue can also lead to dead spots on the floor. Before you can start working on … Read more

What Type of Drainage Pipe Should You Use Under the Driveway?

What Type of Drainage Pipe Should You Use Under the Driveway

Since no one likes having a pond in their driveway, it’s essential to consider the type of pipe used under it. It will help prevent water from flowing through and eventually settling on your foundation. If you plan on installing drainage pipes under your driveway, make sure they are corrugated or PVC. These are the most … Read more

Why Does My Toilet Randomly Run for a Few Seconds?

You may have woken up to find your toilet running while sleeping. Some call it phantom flush, a problem only professionals can fix. Your toilet may run randomly for a few seconds because of hard mineral build-up, cracked toilet flapper, a caught chain, the float is not lowered, or the refill tube not positioned correctly. … Read more

Shower Won’t Stop Running: How to Fix

Even after you turn off your shower, it remains running, which is annoying and can increase your electricity and water bills. The solution is to identify the cause of the issue and devise a fix that will allow you to enjoy the shower without having to deal with it. If your shower won’t stop running, … Read more