How to Use Your Phone in the Shower? [5 Easy Ways]

Do you need to bring your phone so you can listen to music or maybe talk to someone while you are in the shower? Do you want to use it normally without worrying that it would get wet while you stand in the shower? There are three things you should do to make your phone automatically waterproof: place your phone inside a bag, squeeze the air out, and seal it.

Is It Ok to Use a Phone in the Shower?

It is OK to use your phone in the shower. However, you should avoid doing so, especially if you do not have a waterproof model or do not make it waterproof. Steam from the shower can damage your mobile phone eventually. The effects might not be apparent now, but the moisture and humidity from the shower can get into your phone’s internal components.

Like what they say, anything that is too much is bad. Too much humidity and moisture can speed up the corrosion of your phone’s internal components. Because of this, it will decrease your phone’s lifespan.

How to Keep Your Phone Dry in the Shower?

There are many ways to keep your phone dry in the shower. You can use Ziploc bags, a shower curtain phone holder, a shower phone holder mount, cell phone dry bags, and even non-lubricated condoms.

For Ziploc bags, you can place your phone inside the bag. Remove the air altogether and zip it. Using such would let you navigate through your phone and use it without fear of it getting wet while in the shower. Of course, it is not wise to use your phone in the shower for a long time, even if it is effectively waterproof while inside the Ziploc bag. Like earlier said, humidity and moisture from the shower can damage your phone in the long run.

As for a shower curtain phone holder, you can find a lot of it on Amazon. One of these items is the 17 Pocket Shower Curtain Liner from BUNKERWALL. It has different pocket sizes that can fit phones and tablets while you are in the shower. Some who have purchased the product said that it works just fine. The product works the way it is described.

You can also use a Wall Mount Shower Phone Holder. This product is from Spread Pixie Dust and is also available on Amazon. You can place it on your wall so you can place the phone inside it. It is like a storage box for your phone, but it has a glass top so you can see through it. You can access the phone even without removing it from the case. You can also play a movie or put on some music while in the shower with this product.

Cell phone dry bags will also do the trick. Check out Joto’s Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case. According to most of the reviews, they used the product in the shower and during trips. One particular review shared that she went on a kayaking trip, and she lost her phone. It was inside Joto’s Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case, and it got dropped to the bottom of the river. She thought she would never find the phone anymore. She lost hope because the phone might have been wet anyway. She thought that if anyone finds it, the phone will most probably get damaged. To her surprise, someone called her and told her that the phone had no single drop of water from the river.

If you do not want to purchase products to protect your phone from the shower, you can also use non-lubricated condoms. If you’re going to see through the condom, get a clear non-lubricated one so you can use your phone while in the shower.

Can Steam From the Shower Ruin My Phone?

Yes, steam can ruin your phone, but only if you do it frequently and do not do anything to waterproof your phone. The damage might not be immediately apparent. But over time, it could destroy your phone. If you do not have anything to make your phone waterproof while you use it in the shower, you should not risk taking it with you.

The steam creates moisture in your phone so that it can damage its internal parts. It can also cause the corrosion of your phone’s internal components so that it can shorten the gadget’s lifespan.

How to Protect Your Phone From Shower Steam?

You can protect your phone from the shower steam if you place it in make-shift waterproof cases such as non-lubricated condoms or zip locks. You can also use products that are really designed to make your phone safe from the water in the shower.

If you forgot to make your phone waterproof, you could also try placing it in rice grains or a container with silica gel packets. It would help if you let your phone sit for two to three days, so the rice grains or silica gel packets can absorb all the moisture from your phone.

Can You Die From Dropping Your Phone in the Bath or Shower?

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. However, if it involves a person, water and electricity can never be a good match. According to experts, if you drop your phone in your bath or while you shower, it will not electrocute you to death if it is not connected to a wall charger. Smartphones have low voltages, so there is also little to zero percentage it can electrocute you.

However, if it is connected to a wall charger, it can be deadly. The electric shock sends high voltage through a person’s body. The shock can directly go to a person’s heart or central nervous system. If this happens, you can die from dropping your phone in the bath or shower.

How to Make a DIY Shower Phone Holder?

DIY shower phone holder

Don’t want to hold your phone while you have a shower? Don’t want to spend any money on a product that can hold your phone for you while taking a bath? Here’s a simple DIY you can do on your own.

The things that you need are an empty Tictac container, baby oil or any oil, scissors that could cut through plastic, a durable, double-sided foam tape that is at least 3m wide, a whiteboard marker, and a ruler.

Step 1: Measure how thick your mobile phone is. You need this measurement to see if the empty Tictac container can hold your phone. The Tictac container is about 10mm, so any phone that is within this measurement can fit. Otherwise, you can look for other thicker containers, such as a dental floss container or candy container.

Step 2: Clean the Tictac container. You have to remove the sticker paper that has the logo or product description of Tictac. This is where the oil you have in your household comes in handy. The sticker will leave a sticky surface, so you should use a drop or two of the oil to remove the residue. After that, you have to clean the container again with soap and water to remove the oil.

Step 3: Dry the cleaned Tictac container. Use the whiteboard marker to mark the container vertically. Each side should have the same measurement. After making sure that the measurement is correct, cut from the vertical line that you drew.

Step 4: Check if the two halves fit your phone perfectly. Place the Tictac container on both the edges of your phone. You should then check if it covers a part of your screen. If it does and it bothers you, make some marks again and cut from there. Otherwise, you can already go to Step 5.

Step 5: Stick the two halves on your wall or anywhere else in your bathroom wherever you feel like placing it. Use the double-sided foam tape so you can secure the phone holders in the area where you want to mount it on. To make a precise distance between the two halves to fit your phone perfectly, you can mount one of the pieces first, then place your phone. From there, you can see where you should mount the second piece.

With these steps, you are good to go, and you can use your phone while in the shower!


Using your phone in the shower is really up to you. You should, however, consider the risks and the possibilities that your phone can get damaged. Remember that you could also get injured because of the possibility of being electrocuted. Injuries or even death can happen if you use your phone plugged into a wall charger and it drops in the bath.

There are many products out there to ensure your phone will be waterproof when you use it in the shower. There are also items in your house you can use to keep water from damaging your phone. You have to do your research and determine the best way to use your phone while in the shower.


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