How to Seal off A Bathtub Overflow: Reasons You’d Want to

How annoying can it be when you are relaxing in your bath and you slowly start to notice your knees peeking up through the water? How irritating, right?

There is the age-old question of how to stop that pesky bathtub overflow to ensure an uninterrupted relaxing experience. Well, luckily it’s an easy fix that only requires a quick search online and tools that most homeowners have in their toolbox.

We have looked at a few ways you can prevent your bathtub overflow from draining your bath such as the SlipX solution which seals your overflow through the use of suction but is also easily removed when no longer required.

There are also a few DIY hacks that will do exactly the same thing.

How Do You Stop A Bathtub Overflow?

The easiest and most efficient way to stop a bathtub overflow is a drain cover that is easy to attach and detach, and reusable. SlipStopper overflow drain stopper is perfect for this. It can be placed over most drain designs as its pop-up feature makes it versatile.

It is easy to attach and detach with its 12 suction cups which make it a tight seal and will keep the cover in place. It is made of non-toxic, non-fade, high-quality material.

Its suction cup application makes it easy to detach from the drain, so you can easily take it off and return your bath to its normal daily function. SlipX Solution is available on Amazon and is priced at around $7.99.

How To Block A Bathtub Overflow DIY

You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy drain cover to stop that bathtub overflow. There are a few easy hacks that you can use that use household products for an easy DIY, temporary solution.

These hacks are great when you need to get the bath back to its normal function for other household members and kids. Here are some great DIY hacks that you can try out:

Elastics or hair ties

The only thing you need for this DIY hack is a collection of hair ties or elastic bands. Just wrap your elastic around the overflow drain opening, as many times as it takes to cover the opening.

You most likely have some hair ties lying around the house somewhere, no need to go out and buy some. Plus, there are so many other easy hacks that you can use.

Plumbers putty

Plumbers putty is another great alternative to an overflow drain blocker. If you haven’t already got one in your emergency home repair kit, you can pick some up from your nearest store.

All you need to do is take a piece out of the tub and roll it between the palms of your hands so it is easy to mold into your desired shape. Because it’s used for plumbing, this putty is waterproof and remains the shape you mold even when used underwater.

When finished with it it is easy to peel off, perfect for temporary use. Definitely read the back of the putty before use as some may stain granite.

Duct tape

Some might say it’s the best invention ever. Some might say it’s a lifesaver. Duct tape is another perfect fix for your bathtub overflow issue. It’s something you probably have in your home right now. You can easily cut a strip off and apply it to the drain.

For extra support, you might want to add another layer just to withstand water pressure.

Make sure to take it off after use, just in case the next person to take a bath is a child. We don’t want them flooding the bathroom whilst they are playing.

Plastic bag

Another great quick fix to stop that pesky bathtub overflow is to use any plastic bag that you have at home. You could even use a sandwich bag. Just wrap it around the overflow drain and secure it with an elastic band or hair tie. It’s easy to remove and is a quick easy temporary fix.

Why Would You Want To Stop Bathtub Overflow?

Having a bath is the staple for relaxation. When you are fully submerged in the warmth of the water all your worries melt away. So when your limbs start peeking out of the water and getting cold, your relaxation time will be interrupted, and we don’t want that. Comfort is key.

However, you don’t need the added stress of worrying if using a drain cover will flood your bathroom.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry because drain covers have a small hole at the top to stop flooding. Also, the overflow drain cover recommended by Amazon has suction cups, not screws which make it easy to attach and detach but also provide a tight fit.

Why Do Bathtubs Have An Overflow Drain?

The main aim of an overflow drain is to collect and drain the excess water filling your tub. The drain leads the water out of the tub to stop it from overflowing.

For example, if you forget that the water is running, or kids accidentally turn it on without you knowing. Essentially it helps stop the flooding of your bathroom in case of emergencies.


How do drain covers prevent flooding?

Drain covers prevent flooding as they have a small hole at the top of the cover to allow some of the water to drain away.

What’s the most common cause of a blocked drain?

The most common cause of a blocked drain is usually hair. If you have a household where lots of people have long hair then of course they are going to lose some of it. So it is no surprise that this accumulation of hair can block your plug and pipes.

Where does the bathtub overflow water go?

The water from your bathtub overflow goes into a separate pipe from the main drain at the bottom of the tub. Then they both connect back up to the central pipe out of your home.

Where is the overflow drain?

The overflow drain is usually located 7 inches below the rim of the bath.

Can you get overflow drain covers with screws?

Yes. You can buy drain covers with screws if you want a more permanent fix.


If all you want in life is a peaceful, relaxing bath, with no minor inconveniences that can ruin your relaxation, overflow drain stoppers are the way forward. This is your guide on why you would want to stop bathtub overflow and how you can do it.

I recommend using reusable overflow stoppers which are easy to attach and detach. They will be less hassle and stress, as well as prevent any damage to your bathtub. These can be easily purchased online or in your local hardware store.

If you are just popping in the bath and have no time to wait for an overflow stopper to be delivered you can always try some of our DIY hacks that use household items to achieve the same result as the overflow stoppers.

Just a reminder to remove any DIY hacks after using the bath, so when someone uses it afterward they don’t accidentally flood the bathroom.