How to Make Shower Water Hotter? [4 Reasons and Solution]

There are no accurate rules for how hot your shower should be. Still, it is recommended that you keep the temperature at an average of 98 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit or no more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

After a long tiring day, soaking your body in hot water is the best meditation you can give to your body.

Everybody wants to have a great bath because this is the only time you can satisfy your body’s needs.

Hot water will not just make your body relax but also relieves your muscles.

Whether you’re soaking or standing in your hot shower still, it’s a natural remedy to your aching tension muscles.

If you want to learn more details about how to have a quality shower time; you can read the details below!

How Do I Increase The Water Temperature In My Shower?

Nothing else can beat a nice and cozy bath time. Enjoying a nice bath will not just soothe your physical aspect but also your mental health. 

During this time of the year, hot showers are well used by many homeowners since Christmas is fast approaching. You better adjust your battery to give the desired warmth that you can handle. 

However, some homeowners find it challenging to get the perfect temperature in their shower heater, resulting in inappropriate hotness and coldness. 

It would help if you also considered that some other baths and showers run too hot or cold, regardless of the temperature you put in the heater. 

It would help if you bought a heater to guarantee you the exact amount of temp you like. 

Moreover, your shower may run hot and cold because you haven’t set the right temperature since you just bought it. 

In general, the best number for water heaters is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to warm your body and relax. 

If you have kids or older occupants, 120 degrees might be too hot for them. To avoid causing accidents like the burning of your skin, you should be aware of changing their temperature. 

Some heaters, adjusting control, are also immensely demanding because water heaters are hidden behind the panel.

Why Is Water In My Shower Not Hot Enough?

Indeed, there’s no match for bathing in nice hot water. However, if your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water for you, it may ruin the essence of having a relaxing bath.

To know why you aren’t getting enough nice hot water, here are the five common reasons and how you will fix it.

1. Becoming Rusty

Over time, especially if your area has hard water, minerals in the water can produce rust that prevents the heater from heating your water to its burner.

The rust is the one that stops the energy efficiency of the heater to give you access to the hot water.

A water softening system is a solution to fix this problem by draining your tank. You may schedule a professional water heater technician to drain it for you correctly.

If you notice that your heater is severely coated with rust, replace it right away.

Don’t wait for your tank to burst out; you may contact a professional directly.

2. Broken Thermostat

The thermostat inside your water heater is the one that tells you when to turn it on to heat more water. 

Having a broken thermostat may be the reason why you’re not getting enough water. In this case, you need to replace your thermostat.

Hence, increasing your thermostat temperature can help you produce more hot water if you have a working thermostat.

However, it would best if you care not to reach above 140 degrees because this may create scalding water in your tub.

If you want to have an accurate temperature reading, you may use a thermometer to measure your water temperature.

3. Getting The Wrong Size Water Heater

You also experience short hot water because your water heater size might not be enough for your home.

If you’re planning to install a water heater, you may first consult a contractor to help you get your home’s correct size.

If you want to have never-ending hot water flowing to your shower, consider buying the tankless water heater. It is also known as instantaneous or on-demand water heaters.

4. Overused Heater

If you’re running the full fuse you have at home, your large tank will struggle to provide your demands.

It would be best if you ran a fuse one at a time or two at a time. 

However, if you see that your tank is damaged, call a professional immediately to change it for you.

How Do I Increase The Temperature On My Water Heater?

No one likes to have a cold shower, especially if the season is too cold. Correctly setting the temperature on your water heater is essential to your health and safety.

Setting your water heater will save you from paying more bills at the end of the month.

If you want to improve the temperature on your water heater: 

First, turn off your circuit breaker to your water heater and make sure that your home’s main power is shut off before you increase the temperature of your water heater.

Second, remove the thermostat. After releasing its cover, save some screws in the place and pull out the installation so you can access the thermostat control. Also, be careful not to

touch the wires.

Next, you may now flat the screwdriver’s tip to adjust the top and bottom of the thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to make heat, but if you’re running hot water regularly, it is best to adjust the temperature much higher.

If your home uses more hot water, you may set the top thermostat at 5 to 10 degrees higher.

Lastly, once you have already set the temperature you need, you may replace the insulation. 

You may now put the top and bottom metal covers back in place and screw them again, then turn around the power.

You can now enjoy the new and better water temperature setting efficiently.

Is 140 Too Hot For A Water Heater?

Ideally, there is no universal temperature of hot water; this is the idea that you need to set yourself. The temperature of your hot water will depend on your specification. 

For most homes, 120 degrees Fahrenheit can serve them with enough hot water temperature, but 140 is the best for others.

Additionally, water heaters have a maximum temperature setting that controls how hot the water in your faucet may have.

While most of you think you can adjust the setting, especially those who don’t know how to heater, well, you’re wrong.

You can control it at the best temperature you want.

How To Make Shower Water Hotter Longer?

Have you experienced taking a bath with hot water, then suddenly its temperature turns to ice-cold? It is the worst situation you can ever experience. 

However, there are a few details that may keep the hot water running longer. First, you may turn up the thermostat on the heater. It is one of the most specific facts to make your hot shower last longer.

To do this, you may turn up the thermostat temperature attached to the water heater tank.

How Do I Adjust The Water Temperature On A Single Handle Shower Valve?

If you have experience getting burnt in a shower when someone in another bathroom flushed the toilet, you understand why your faucets have balancing valves.

These valves will provide tour automatic adjustment when there is a sudden deficiency of hot water that keeps the temperature constant.  

Faucets with this type of valve also compose a built-in temperature limiter to adjust when the season changes.

How To Make Delta Shower Water Hotter?

Anti-burn faucets allow you to adjust your hot water temperature in its maximum range. Lowering the hot water temperature saves your children and elderly from burning themselves.  

Among the anti0-burn facets on the market, Delta manufactures the best series of bathroom shower faucets that give you the best safety service.

To get a starter, you may set the adjustable handle first and then remove the centerpiece of the control knob, depending on what type of delta faucet you have.

A delta shower requires you to place a small flat screwdriver in the center of the temperature to control the knob and pry the plastic centerpiece off.

After doing this, you may not experience the best hot water in life.

How To Adjust Hot Water In Shower Moen?

Moen is a water shower designed with an anti-burn shower that allows you to set your water’s maximum temperature manually.

It is an excellent safety faucet, especially if you’re with kids that might accidentally turn the tap with high temperature and hurt themselves.

However, a Moen shower faucet may occasionally require you to have some adjustment. As the season changes overtime and the groundwater changes temperature, adjusting the control is a must.

Below are some steps that may guide you on how to adjust your water in shower Moen products.

  1. Pry the cap off the Moen valves, using a screwdriver to give leverage. These cap slips will help you handle the mounting screw of Moen.
  2. Hold the shower valve until it is installed correctly.
  3. Slide the trim ring of Moe valve.
  4. Then, you can turn the valve’s system’s flow in any direction to reach its maximum temperature.


In Summary, by buying a new home, you will also have lots of appliances to buy. The water heater is one of those that gives you a warm and relaxing bath.

Indeed, knowing how to adjust your shower’s temperature may help you understand how to set the correct water temperature that your body can try.

It will just take you 1 to 3 hours to finish this job, and you may enjoy your relaxing hot water right away.

If you’re planning to buy a quality heater for your bathroom, instead of focus how much it will cost, you need to focus on its benefits.

Lastly, I know you want to enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day. So, learning how to adjust the right amount of heat you want is very important.


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