How to Cover a Doorway Without a Door (6 Unique Ideas)

The doors of every building are a vital part of the design and function of the space. They are the best way to divide rooms, provide privacy, and can also help reduce noise. However, some doors do not have a door cover. It is a must-have for any renter, as you can use several options to cover these doorways.

There are various ways to cover up your doorway without having to go through the process of installing a door. Some popular options include doorway curtains, folding screens, roman shades, bookcases, barn doors, and beaded strings.

You can read on and learn six unique ideas on how to cover a doorway without a door.

How to Cover a Doorway Without a Door?

Although door covering options have advantages and disadvantages, they can also help keep your home looking its best.

Doorway Curtains

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Most people choose to cover their doorway with curtains because they are the most stylish and practical way to keep their home’s interior looking its best.

Various types of doorway curtains, such as blackout, provide thermal insulation and prevent light from entering the room. You can also get a door screen that closes automatically, and you can use this type of curtain for a country-style doorway.

There are so many types of doorway curtains in the market that it can be hard to choose just one that will bring elegance to your home. However, some will give your rooms a modern farmhouse look.

They can keep the light from entering your rooms while giving you privacy. You can quickly close the curtain to keep the other people out.

Folding Screens

A folding screen is an excellent way to cover a doorway without opening a door. It can be used in various sizes and is very versatile. Aside from being very practical, this option also requires more space to work correctly.

It is a type of furniture used in your home that you can make from various materials such as wood, fabric, and rice paper. You can also utilize it to decorate your home’s interior. You can select the one that fits your style and the theme of your house.

You can use a folding screen for different purposes, such as displaying display shelves. You don’t need to drill a wall to install these panels; you can move them around whenever you want to block off a particular area. They can also be made smaller by folding them.

Roman Shades

Roman shades originate from various materials such as bamboo or fabric. You can use them if you prefer to have them cover your doorway. But, if you are not planning to use the door often, it is best to use these instead.

You can use Roman shades to cover your doorway’s view from the outside or keep it from getting too dark. These are easy to clean and are machine washable. You can still use these for privacy even if you have a transparent glass door.


The door between the living room and dining room is not attractive. If you want to keep the decoration of your room beautiful, you can install a bookcase. This type of storage unit will allow you to separate the living room and the dining room.

A well-designed and functional bookcase can enhance the beauty of your room and provide you with a more effective and versatile storage solution.

You can keep the existing door open to install it whenever necessary. Depending on the size and placement of the bookcase, you can quickly transfer it to the door.

Barn Doors

If you are not satisfied with the traditional style of doors, then you can consider using a barn door. You can install this door to cover your doorway and give it a clean and minimal look.

If you are a fan of farmhouse-style doors, you can use this type of door to cover your doorway. You can also use paint to fit the color of your home.

Beaded Strings

One of the most popular ways to cover your doorway is using beads. These are open in diverse shapes and colors and are very easy to install.

Since these strings are very versatile, you can choose to have them installed on a small amount of your interior. One thing to note is that this string does not provide much privacy unless you use several layers. Most people use this for their interior design projects.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Cover a Doorway?

If you have a doorway that doesn’t have a door, then doorway curtains are the best choice. They are the most efficient and cheapest way to conceal this area.

Before you buy, make sure that you measure your doorway and choose curtains that are at least an inch higher than the floor.

Japanese-style curtains are a must for high-traffic areas and are both functional and attractive. Beaded strings or curtains are the best choices if you’re on a tight budget.

Why Do Some Homes Have Doorways Without Doors?

Having no door can benefit a house with an elderly or disabled individual in it. However, having heavy doors can make it hard for them to open. It is especially true when no one is at the house to look after the elderly or disabled individuals.

Having a door is not ideal if you live in a home with kids. Having a door that has hinges can be very dangerous for kids. Also, having a heavy door can make it hard for them to open.

Since kids are very active, they are more prone to getting injured when they accidentally reach the handles of doors. These factors make them more prone to getting tripped up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Divide a Room Without a Door?

If you plan on dividing a large area into smaller ones, you’ll need to use curtains instead of doors. It will allow you to keep people out of the way and prevent them from getting stuck in the middle.

Disc curtains provide security and privacy, which keep out unwanted visitors and noise. They also help prevent people from entering the room. However, you should match them well with the rest of the room’s decor.

What Is a Cased Opening Doorway?

A cased opening doorway is a type of door frame with a casing around it covered in trim. You can make this door frame from various materials such as metal, wood, and vinyl.

It can also be used in homes with uneven walls to create a more even line. Having a cased opening doorway can additionally add visual interest to a space.

How to Close off a Doorway Temporarily?

You can temporarily close a doorway using a doorstop or a door chain. You can also use a door to keep it open.

A doorstop is a simple device that you can use to keep the door from closing. You can place it between the door frame and the door itself. It will allow you to open the door and pass through it.

You can also use a door chain. You must first connect the chain to the door frame and its inner portion to use it. It will allow you to pass through.


How to cover a doorway without a door? You can cover up your entrance without the need for an entry by using various types of materials. Some of these include beaded strings, folding screens, and barn doors.

If you want to invest in a more long-term solution, you can install a removable wall. This type of wall you can take down whenever you don’t need it, making it an ideal option if you’re planning on using your studio as a standard room.