How To Clean Overlapping Sliding Shower Doors

Shower doors go through a lot. We use various products in the shower, and our glass shower doors are consistently exposed to dampness, dirt, and products. It can easily lead to shower doors that are covered in soap scum or the track of sliding glass doors being full of gunk.

Overlapping shower doors tend to be a lot harder to clean than a shower curtain that is covered in soap scum. There are some spots that your hand simply can’t reach. Instead of leaving them dirty, learn how to properly clean them.

This article will tell you everything that you need to know about cleaning overlapping sliding shower doors.

How To Clean Between Sliding Glass Doors

With every set of sliding shower doors, there is a bit of overlap between the doors and glass panels. It seems impossible to clean, but it’s not. These life hacks will help you get your entire shower spotlessly clean.

Use A Paint Sponge

A paint sponge is a very useful tool that I discovered when painting my house. These are great for getting hard-to-reach areas for painting, and for cleaning. They are little sticks that have a sponge on the end.

You can find them in various shapes, so make sure that you get two-cylinder paint sponges to clean both the tracks and the overlap of the doors. A larger paint sponge will be useful if you have to scrub away soap scum in the overlap.

You’ll need at least 2-3 sponges. The first one will be used for cleaning. The second one will be dipped in clean water to rinse the area. You can then use the third one to dry the area to help keep the shower clean in the future.

Dip The Paint Sponge In Cleaning Solution

You can mix dish soap and warm water or use the chemical of your choice. If you have a spray bottle, you can simply spray the area with cleaner.

Shove The Paint Sponge Into The Hard To Reach Spots

Next, shove the paint sponge into the area that you can’t reach. Make sure to clean your shower door tracks where you can as well. Give them a good scrub.

Rinse The Area

Then, get a couple of cups of water. Dip the second sponge in water, and use it to rinse the area. You may have to do this a few times to remove all of the cleaning solutions.

Use The Third Sponge To Dry The Area

You need to remove excess water to prevent mold, mildew, and rust. Use your dry sponge to do just that. Simply use the same method of shoving the sponge into the hard-to-reach area.

Use A Paper Towel

If running to your local hardware store to find a paint sponge seems a bit extra, don’t worry. You can use the same method above with paper towels!

To use a paper towel for this job, simply fold it in half a few times. Then, shove it into the area where you cannot reach just like you would a sponge.

Don’t forget to use a dry paper towel to absorb excess water. Paper towels are less flexible than a sponge, but they will get the job done.

High Pressured Water

If you have a removable shower head with high water pressure, this can instantly help you clean the shower door tracks faster than a damp sponge can. Simply spray hard-to-reach areas with a cleaning solution. Then, shoot water in hard-to-reach areas to rinse them off!

This is a great idea to keep your shower walls clean too! You instantly don’t have to deal with dirty water, and it works well for almost any type of shower.

Dry The Doors After Showering

Dirt and grime are from water staying on the doors and the tracks that they are on. You can prevent this by drying them after you take a shower. Use a towel or sponge to carefully dry in between the doors to instantly cut down on how much you have to clean them.

This is especially helpful if you have hard water. Hard water leaves stains when it is left to sit.

Try The Bissell Steam Shot

The Bissell Steam Shot will instantly modernize the amount of time that you spend cleaning. Simply use this to get spots that you have a hard time reaching in your shower stall to make cleaning a breeze.

Remove The Glass Shower Doors

Although removing the shower doors can be a bit more time-consuming than other methods of cleaning, it’s well worth it. You should remove them at least once a month to make sure that you can get in all of the nooks and crannies when cleaning your doors.

Remove The Black Rubber Stopper

There is a small rubber stopper that helps keep your shower doors in place. Once you remove the stopper, you’ll see that your shower door kind of hangs there. (You might want a second person to hold onto the shower door while you remove the stopper to make sure that it doesn’t fall.)

Take Off The Doors

Once the stopper is gone, you will be able to simply tilt your shower doors and remove them. After that, prop your shower door up against a nearby wall.

Give Them A Good Cleaning

This is a great time to really deep clean your doors and the track that they are on. Use streak-free glass cleaner to remove water streaks, grime, and water stains from every inch of your shower doors.

Then, use soapy water or your favorite cleaning liquid to get the grime and water stains off of the tracks that they sit on. You can use a sponge or paper towels for this job. Cylindrical sponges are great for getting into tight spots like these!  Don’t forget the outside of the track, too!

Make sure that you use a fresh sponge for the doors to avoid streaks. After cleaning them, wipe them with a dry sponge to avoid water streaks.


How to clean sliding shower doors?

To clean your sliding shower doors, you need to use a sponge to get into areas that overlap. Deep clean them once per month by removing the sliding shower doors. This will help you reach the tracks they are on to give them a good cleaning.

How to remove sliding shower doors for cleaning?

To remove sliding shower doors for cleaning purposes, you first need to remove a small rubber stopper. This is usually along the track. Most shower doors have one on the top track. If you can’t find it there, it’s on the bottom. These easily unscrew.

After you have removed the rubber shower door stopper, you can tilt the shower doors so that they come off of the track.

What is a tool to clean between shower doors?

A wonderful professional tool to use is the Bissell Steam Shot. It works exceptionally well at removing dirt and grime. You can also use a cotton swap, paper towels, or pick up a paint sponge. Cylindrical paint sponges are great for getting in the area of overlap on your shower doors.

In Conclusion

Shower enclosures with shower door tracks can be hard to clean. There always seems to be a spot you can’t reach! Use these tips and tricks to make sure that shower enclosures and shower door tracks stay spotless. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blogs for more awesome home advice, like this one!