How to Clean Matte Laminate Cupboards

For those who desire a more classic aesthetic for their kitchen, matte finish kitchen cabinets and worktops are often the choices. This kind of finish adds a touch of luxury to the cabinets, and it also prevents scratches and other imperfections from being visible with a high gloss finish.

To clean matte laminate cupboards easily, you can use vinegar, baking soda, and an acidic cleaner. Spray the solution to your microfiber cloth, then wipe the cabinets a couple of times.

Below are the detailed ways, tips, and tricks for cleaning cupboards and kitchen cabinets.

How to Clean Matte Laminate Cupboards?

Before working on a matte laminate cupboard, know the material first. Below are the ways and step-by-step instructions on how to clean it.

Dilute Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

When it comes to cleaning kitchen cabinets, vinegar is the best choice. You can use a water mixture and white vinegar to get the job done. However, before you start using it, make sure that it’s properly diluted.

Natural acid, which you can use to remove grease and oil stains, can be beneficial when it comes to cleaning a laminate cupboard. However, you should do it with caution to avoid staining tile and other appliances in the kitchen.

To clean your matte finish kitchen cabinets, mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water. It will thoroughly remove accumulated grease.

Before using the cleaning solution, make sure that you have rubber gloves to prevent allergic reactions. You can then start using a sponge or a rag to clean your cabinets. However, be careful not to over-pressurize the surface of the wood.

After washing and cleaning your matte finish kitchen cabinets, allow them to dry completely.

Use Baking Soda

While cleaning kitchen cabinets, add a small amount of water and baking soda to the surface. Allow it to stay there for a couple of minutes to melt the dirt.

This baking soda solution can also help you clean your air fryer, oven, and microwave vents. It will also remove dirt and grime from these components.

To make the paste, combine baking soda and vinegar. Let the concoction sit for 2 minutes, then lightly rub the surface of the cabinet to remove the grime.

You can then use the cloth’s textured side to remove the grime. After that, clean the cabinet doors using a dry cloth.

Use an Acidic Cleaner

Oil stains result from the droplets that evaporate from the kitchen’s surface. They can then form a smooth layer on the cabinets after mixed with steam.

It is best to use an acidic cleaner to remove oil stains from kitchen cabinets. To make this process easier, combine equal parts of water and an acidic cleaner in a dilute mixture. You can also utilize a spray bottle to eliminate grease and oil buildup.

After making the solution, use a microfiber cloth to scrub the cabinets. Repeat the procedure until the entire surface of the kitchen is clean. Before using the cleaner, rinse the cabinet thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth.

How Often Should You Clean Your Cupboards?

Even though matte laminate cupboards are low maintenance, it is still essential to clean them regularly. This method will ensure that they will look great all the time.

Try a weekly cleaning procedure instead of keeping your kitchen cabinets covered in dust and grime. This method involves using a microfiber cloth to remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints.

Make sure that all of your appliances are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After removing all of the grime, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the insides of the cabinet. This method will also prevent damage.

What to Know About Matte Finish Kitchen Cupboards?

Many people choose a matte finish for their kitchen cupboards because it gives them a more traditional look and will not reflect light. This type of finish is also ideal for country-style kitchens as it looks excellent and doesn’t detract from the design.

The popularity of matte finishes has been growing. It is difficult to notice any imperfections or scratches on a matte-finished kitchen cabinet. It will add a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen. You can also use this finish to add texture and create a beautiful surface.

One of the most critical factors you should consider when choosing a matte finish for your kitchen is cleaning. Doing so will help keep the look of your kitchen looking great, but it will also prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.

Getting the right kind of finish is very important for cleaning kitchen cupboards. Doing so will require a lot of planning and preparation. So, you can always ask a professional what kind of cupboard finish is best for your kitchen.

Why Opt For Matte Finish Kitchen Cupboards?

Matte-finish is a popular choice for many homeowners when choosing their kitchen cupboards. There are several reasons why this type of surface has become so popular.

Matte finishes keep surfaces looking their best for a long time, and they don’t get dirty as quickly as regular ones. Also, they absorb light and hide imperfections.

Having glossy cabinets can be fun if you have an open floor plan kitchen or large kitchen. The matte finish on some of these can add texture and interest to the room.

Matte-finish is prevalent in almost any room, including a modern kitchen or a traditional one. You can also combine it with other finishes to create an impressive look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Matte Cabinets Shiny?

After a while, your kitchen cupboard’s finish is getting dull due to regular use and long-term use. You can then apply a spray polish to prevent this from happening again.

Look for a soft fiber cloth that you can utilize to wipe down the grimes on the cabinet’s handles. After you have covered the handles, you can now spray your cupboards. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours. After that, it will feel good to the hands again when you open them.

Can You Use a Scrub to Clean Cupboards?

The use of stiff scrubbing brushes on the surface of your matte finish cabinet can cause permanent scratches. It is because these tools can easily damage the surface of the cupboard.

The brush is supposed to remove the dirt from the cupboard’s surface. However, if it is also peeling off the surface, it will make no sense.

Instead, use a soft foam or cloth to clean the surface of your cabinet. Doing so will prevent the use of harsh chemicals and abrasives, which can cause permanent damage to the surface.

How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Cupboard Handles?

Make sure that you clean the handles of your kitchen cupboards at least once a week. It will enable you to remove oils and dirt before they become stiff.

If there is no dirt on your kitchen surface, you should still clean it using a kitchen towel or a dry cloth. However, leaving the dirt and grime on your kitchen’s handles and side doors could cause a buildup that could eventually rust the surfaces.


In cleaning matte laminate cupboards, water, vinegar, and baking soda are all you need. You can easily wipe the dirt and oil from the kitchen cabinets using these solutions.

If you’re planning on installing matte finish kitchen cabinets, make sure that you’re following proper cleaning procedures. Doing so will prevent the surfaces from getting damaged.

Use the proper skills to clean and maintain your kitchen cupboards. Doing so will help keep them looking their best. It will help if you avoid harsh cleaning agents and abrasive cleaners.