How Much Does 2 Cubic Feet of Mulch Weigh?

Opening a mulch bag provides a unique smell that lingers for a long time. Not only does it signify that spring is here, but it also helps people get ready for some serious yard work.

The weight of your garden’s mulch depends on the material you need. Before you start mulching, it’s essential to determine the square footage of the area that you will use for the project.

A 2 cubic foot of wood mulch typically weighs around 20 pounds, covering approximately 12 square feet. A pack of shredded hardwood can cost about $4 to $6, while a bulk bag will set you back $46.

Read on and learn all the necessary information about mulch and how it can help you with your gardening.

Types of Mulch

Generally speaking, two types of mulch are available for gardening: organic mulch and inorganic mulch.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulches are less heavy than inorganic materials and can cover a more significant portion of the bag. They are also cheaper to work with. However, they decompose, and you need to replace them at some point.

Wood Mulch

Wood chips, commonly used as wood mulch, cover about the exact dimensions of a yard. However, the weight of the bag depends on its moisture content. A pack of dry wood chips can weigh around 20 pounds, while a wet one could double that.

Two-pack bags are standard for wood mulch. It helps retain the moisture content of the soil and prevents weeds from growing. You can make it from various types of wood, such as shredded hardwoods and bark. It blends easily with the soil.

Straw Mulch

A type of straw that is famous for the germination of seeds is called pine straw. You can spread this to the soil in a bag of around 1 and 1/2 cubic feet. You should keep it at a depth of approximately 1 inch to allow the seeds to reach the sunlight and germinate properly.

A 1 cubic foot bag can cover about 200 square feet of yard and weigh around 20 pounds. On the other hand, a 2.5 cubic foot bag can cover 500 square feet of space and weigh up to 50 pounds.

Compost Mulch

A compost bag is usually around 1 and 2 cubic feet. You can use it to spread a layer of organic matter evenly on the soil surface of your yard. The amount of material you can cover with a two cubic foot bag of mulch depends on its thickness.

For instance, if the bag is 2 inches thick, it can cover up to 12 square feet of yard. On the other hand, if applied half an inch thick, it can extend the bag’s coverage by up to 12 square feet. A bag of 1 cubic foot can cover up to 12 square feet if applied at a thickness of 1 inch. However, the yard coverage will be half if it’s applied thickly.

Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic materials such as stone, egg rock, and rubber mulches are more long-lasting and do not require regular replacement. However, they are more expensive and require a lot of work to cover a small area. These are also heavier than the wood ones.

A bag of shredded rubber mulch can cover approximately 4.8 square feet. It can weigh up to 35 pounds.

How Much Mulch Do You Need?

Most of us aren’t professional gardeners or landscapers. Instead, most of us spread a bag or two of mulch around our property once or twice a year.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t remember exactly how many bags of mulch we need to purchase. It is because, as a result, we try to estimate the amount of material we need to buy, but it always ends up either too much or insufficient.

A single bag of 2 cubic feet of mulch can weigh up to 50 pounds. We’ll need to figure out how many bags we’ll need before we start spreading the heavy material around our property.

Before spreading the heavy material around your property, you must determine the type of mulch you want to purchase. Not only will the bag’s weight vary, but the different types of mulch also cover other areas.

How to Install Mulch in Your Garden?

Before adding any mulch to your garden or walkway, you must eliminate weeds and grass growth. You can do this by sprinkling the area with a weed killer.

If you’re planning on using compost, wood, or straw, you can apply them directly to the ground. However, wearing garden gloves when using dyed or dyed products is essential, as the dye can stain your hands.

To control pests from affecting your plants, keep the materials several inches away from the base of the plants. Most types of wood-type mulches typically require refreshing every six to 12 months.

Installing Rubber/Stone

You can also add rubber or stone mulch to keep it from sinking into the soil. It’s essential first to install weed cloth around the area to support the product and then lay it on top.

Doing so will allow the rubber or stone to sink into the soil without damage. If you replace the product more frequently, you might have to spend more on repairs.

To prevent getting scratched, ensure you have gloves when handling the stone you’re planning to add to your garden. It’s essential to keep the thickness of the material at around 2 inches to prevent it from blocking the water and plants’ root systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Mulch Cost?

The cost of hardwood and dyed mulches can range from $30 to $36 a yard and around $6 to $8 for a bag. To give your garden a pop of color, you can also purchase gold, red, and black varieties.

Cedar or other trees, such as those commonly used for making premium mulches, can cost around $40 to $47 per yard. These are more likely to last longer and are less prone to blowing away in high winds.

How Wide Does a Single Bag of Wood Mulch Cover?

You can purchase most wood-mulch products in 2 cubic foot bags. When preventing weed growth and keeping moisture in the soil, installing the material at a thickness of 2 to 4 inches is essential.

A bag of 2-inch thick organic material covers 12 square feet, while a pack of 4-inch thick material covers 6 square feet.

How Much Does a Scoop of Mulch Weigh?

The weight of a scoop of mulch is around 800 pounds. It takes two bags of this material to cover an entire yard. To decide the number of bags of mulch you need, you need to measure your square footage and the depth of your yard in inches.

The cost of a scoop depends on its capacity. Knowing the exact number of cubic yards it holds can help determine the cost of doing business.

How Much Are 10 Cubic Feet of Mulch?

A typical ten cubic feet of wood mulch is approximately 100 pounds. It will cover around 60 square feet of the ground, and it is standard to have a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Roughly $20 for a cubic foot of shredded hardwood is considered fair value.


A bag of wood mulch typically measures about 20 pounds and can cover approximately 12 square feet. A pack of shredded hardwood can cost around $4 to $6, while you can have bulk bags for $46.

Before you start laying down a layer of mulch, it’s crucial that you first decide what type of material you want to use. Then, measure the area that you want to cover.

If you still have difficulty deciding what type of mulch to use or even getting a good idea about how much it should cost, I highly recommend consulting a professional.