How Many Amps and Watts Does a Garbage Disposal Need?

In most kitchens, a garbage disposal is an essential part of any kitchen. Aside from being used for cooking, it is also necessary to properly dispose of food and other waste.

Like other appliances in your home, garbage disposals use electricity to run. You should also know the power rating of your machine to ensure that it operates efficiently.

A standard garbage disposal uses around 2.8 to 7 amps and about 500 to 1650 watts in normal conditions. However, it can consume up to 1500 to 4500 watts during the startup period. The size and features of the disposal can affect the amount of electricity it consumes.

Below is some helpful information you need as regards your garbage disposal.

How Many Amps & Watts Does a Garbage Disposal Use?

A standard garbage disposal uses about 2.8 to 7 amps and can use up to 500 to 1650 watts in working condition. However, it can use up to 1500 to 4500 watts when it’s started up. The features and size of the disposal can affect its electricity consumption.

All garbage disposal machines have their electricity requirements. These are on the sticker that comes with the device.

This article will talk about how many amps and watts garbage disposal uses. We will help you understand how much electricity it uses and how you can use it correctly.

Standard garbage disposal used for 3/4 hp uses around 5.5 amps and 600 watts. It uses up to 15 amps and 1800 watts.

A 1/2 hp garbage disposal uses around four amps and 412 Watts regularly. However, it can use up to 13.5 amps and over 1300 watts on startup.

The smallest garbage disposal machine you can buy is a 1/3 hp model. It consumes less electricity than standard garbage disposal in operating conditions.

When the machine starts, its consumption numbers can increase significantly due to the unit’s efficiency. For instance, a 1/3 hp model may use up to 6 times more power than standard garbage disposal when it’s running.

A 1 hp garbage disposal typically used for heavy-duty applications can use up to 7 amps and around 800 watts when running. On startup, it can use up to 21 amps and 2145 watts.

Does Garbage Disposal Need A Circuit Breaker?

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In addition to having a circuit breaker, it’s also essential to have a separate breaker for garbage disposal. There are various explanations for why this is important.

Another reason why you might not want to use your garbage disposal is that it uses a motor. Its electricity consumption might vary.

One of the most obvious reasons you might not want to use your garbage disposal to trip is that it uses a motor. It could use up to 6 times more electricity when turned on or started from idle.

When the motor turns on, it might cause it to trip the circuit breaker that’s connected to it. This issue can originate from the lack of capacity on the circuit breaker.

How to Reduce Power Usage on Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal doesn’t use as much electricity as a regular appliance; it can still waste a lot of electricity. To reduce its power usage, we’ll talk about some simple steps that can help you reduce your waste disposal’s electricity consumption.

Never Use Your Garbage Disposal Continuously

It will not blend or grind your garbage, and it will only properly dispose of it in your kitchen sink. It means that you don’t have to use it all the time. You can also turn off your garbage disposal when you don’t need it.

Avoid Processing All Garbages

One of the most critical measures to reduce your waste disposal’s electricity consumption is to avoid disposing of difficult items to process. Doing so will allow the removal use of more electricity to get rid of the garbage.

Before you throw away your garbage, make sure that you have lists of items that cause it to use more electricity. Doing so will allow you to prevent the disposal from accidentally throwing away certain things.

Separate Circuit Breaker

Turn off the circuit breaker when you’re not using the garbage disposal. Doing so will allow you to reduce the machine’s power usage and prevent it from running idle.

Getting your garbage disposal clean is very important to keep it running efficiently. It will allow you to cut down on power consumption and keep it working smoothly.

If your garbage disposal is dirty, it will use more power to get rid of your waste. It will use more electricity and cause it to run more slowly. After using it, make sure that it’s still clean.

A straightforward way to keep your garbage disposal clean is by letting it run for around five to 20 seconds. It will allow water to flow through it and remove all the dirt and grime.

Clean It Regularly

Getting the proper maintenance of your garbage disposal can help prolong its life and reduce its power consumption. Doing so can also help keep the disposal running longer.

If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to maintain your garbage disposal. Doing so will help you trim down power consumption and keep it running efficiently.

Is It Bad to Run Garbage Disposal for a Long Time?

It’s okay to run your garbage disposal for a long time, but it’s possible that the motor can overheat and will cause the device to stop working.

To prevent this, wait until the unit cools down before restarting it. It’s also noteworthy that the disposal uses between 1 and 2 amps, depending on the model.

A garbage disposal’s amperage draw varies depending on the model and operation. Most units can handle up to 15 amps of current, so it’s essential to ensure that your circuit breaker is rated at least 20.

If you’re not sure how many amps you have, check the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Garbage Disposal Trip a GFCI?

A garbage disposal can trip a GFCI. Various factors can cause it to trip. One of these is if the connection to the outlet exposes to water. Since garbage disposal is always near water sources, it can trip a GFCI while in use.

How Long Should You Run Your Garbage Disposal?

You should usually run your garbage disposal for around 30 seconds. However, since it takes longer to get rid of food and waste, it can handle all of them in approximately 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, turn off the disposal and let the water run through it until it cleans itself.

Can the Disposal and Dishwasher Be on the Same Circuit?

Yes! If the load on the circuit breaker exceeds 80%, you can use the disposal and dishwashing equipment on the same circuit. The disposal uses very little power while the dishwasher uses a lot.

In this case, you need to use a 20amp circuit breaker to power the dishwasher and disposal. The former uses less energy than the latter, consuming less than ten amps.

Keep in mind that a garbage disposal can use a lot of power at the beginning of its operation. It’s essential to keep the dishwasher off after using it.


The amps and watts needs of the garbage disposal can vary, and it typically uses around 2.8 to 7 amps and up to 50 to 600 watts in normal conditions. However, it employs over six times more potent than when it’s started. You can find the exact information about the garbage disposal’s amps and watts on its body or in the manual.

Having a garbage disposal is very helpful in helping us keep our homes clean. It can also help us keep track of the amount of energy it uses. Having the correct type of disposal is also important to ensure that you handle it correctly.