Is It Safe to Live in a House After Mold Remediation?

Many people are nervous and confused after experiencing a mold scare. As the professionals perform mold extraction in your home, you might be unable to return to your house after all. After mold remediation, it’s generally safe to reoccupy your home once the work completes. However, it’s important to ensure that mold removal was done … Read more

How To Clean Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark feature walls and cabinets can create a bold statement in any kitchen and make pre-existing features look brand new by covering the majority of noticeable marks as well as signs of wear with a fresh coat of dark color. But have you considered how to clean dark kitchen cabinets? You may not have thought … Read more

Can A Roomba Get Wet?

When your Roomba is busy working away it can be easy for it to accidentally come into contact with water or liquids that are present on the floor, but can a Roomba get wet? Whether it’s a small amount of water or a much larger puddle, what should you do if your Roomba gets wet? … Read more

Why Is My Toilet Water Yellow? Causes and Fixes

Why Is My Toilet Water Yellow

Everyone wants to have their toilets as clean as possible. However, some people will go further and maintain a clean environment in their bathrooms. But, people will still see their toilet water yellow after they flush correctly. The leading cause of yellow toilet water is mineral deposits in the hard water. Although it may cause … Read more

How to Clean Matte Laminate Cupboards

For those who desire a more classic aesthetic for their kitchen, matte finish kitchen cabinets and worktops are often the choices. This kind of finish adds a touch of luxury to the cabinets, and it also prevents scratches and other imperfections from being visible with a high gloss finish. To clean matte laminate cupboards easily, … Read more

Can MDF Get Wet?

Due to its versatile properties, you can use medium-density fiberboard (MDF) in various home projects, such as wall panels, trim, and cabinets. You can also use it for alternative wood products, such as plywood. Most of the time, standard MDFs are placed indoors and are far away from water. MDF can get wet. But like … Read more

Can Laminate Flooring Get Wet?

Despite its beautiful appearance, laminate flooring doesn’t like water. It is why it’s essential to keep an eye on the water on your floor to prevent it from getting damaged. Laminate flooring can get wet. A small amount of water can cause minimal damage, but a more significant spill can lead to substantial issues. The … Read more

Can Hardwood Floors Get Wet?

Can Hardwood Floors Get Wet

Hardwood flooring is prone to staining due to the material’s porous nature. This issue comes from minor spills and large amounts of water accumulated on the floor. Hardwood floors can get wet. But, they can only endure various types of damage, such as water spills. Before you decide to install these floors, it’s essential to research the … Read more

Can You Use Pepsi to Clean a Toilet?

Aside from being a soft drink, you can also use Pepsi for various purposes, such as cleaning toilets. Its mild acid makes it an excellent choice for removing dirt and germs. You can use Pepsi to clean a toilet. Pepsi is a cleaning agent because it has a combination of acids. It makes it ideal … Read more