Can You Use Pepsi to Clean a Toilet?

Aside from being a soft drink, you can also use Pepsi for various purposes, such as cleaning toilets. Its mild acid makes it an excellent choice for removing dirt and germs.

You can use Pepsi to clean a toilet. Pepsi is a cleaning agent because it has a combination of acids. It makes it ideal for removing grime and other harmful substances from the drink.

This article will teach you how to clean your toilet at home using soda.

How to Clean a Toilet With Pepsi?

If you’re worried about getting rid of toilet limescale without spending a fortune on expensive bowl cleaners, try using a can of Pepsi instead.

Prepare One Cup of Pepsi

Open a bottle or can of Pepsi and measure out a couple of cups. You don’t need much to clean your toilet, as a standard-sized can of soda has about 12 fluid ounces.

Diet Pepsi is an excellent alternative to regular soda because it contains a chemical known as carbonic and phosphoric acid. It makes it incredibly effective at removing grime and other harmful substances from the environment.

You can also use it to replace other beverages such as club soda.

Pour the Pepsi

Pour the Pepsi into the bowl and let it flow over the stains. Be sure to give it a good even coating so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the bowl.

If you have hard-to-reach stains on your food, try washing them with an old cloth or a bottle of Coke.

Let the Pepsi Sit for a Few Minutes

The longer you wait to let the soda sit, the more chance you have of getting the acids to break down the stains. For an extra boost of cleaning power, put a scoop of Pepsi in the toilet and let it sit overnight. It will help remove the grime and stains.

Flush the Bowl

After letting the Pepsi sit, apply the acids to the bowl and let them work their magic. If you are worried that you may not flush some stains, you can always use a scrub to remove them.

Repeat if Necessary

The first layer of Pepsi might be able to remove most of the stains. However, it may not altogether remove all of them. If you would like to try a different method, pour another layer of the soda.

How Does Pepsi’s Acid Clean?

During health class, kids would always ask about pop’s harmful effects on their teeth. Acidic substances are there to break down various components of the tooth enamel, which can lead to cavities and sensitivity.

Aside from being beneficial for the body, acids can also trigger various digestion processes. There are three types of acid in Pepsi: citric, carbonic, and phosphoric. You can find the former two in fruits such as lemons and oranges.

While carbonic acid is an ingredient of Pepsi, it does not organically appear. Instead, the high carbon dioxide levels pumped into the bottle create them.

Most dark-colored soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, a type of phosphorus needed by the body to function correctly. Unfortunately, too much of this nutrient can cause kidney issues.

How to Remove Hard Stains With Pepsi?

When the regular flushing of Pepsi does not work, you can now resort to a more meticulous cleaning method using soda.

Scrub Hard

Although simple flushing can remove most of the stains from your toilet bowl, using a toilet scrub is the most reasonable way to get rid of them. This household item will help loosen the stains and prevent them from reappearing.

To get rid of the stains, first, scrub the area thoroughly and then let the beverage sit in the toilet for a couple of minutes.

Heat Your Pepsi

Another effective way to remove stains from your toilet is by heating a can of Coke. This method works by reacting with an acid to create a chemical reaction that will quickly remove the stains.

Although it does not mean that the beverage should be boiling, it should be hot to the touch to achieve the best results. It’s adequate to wear gloves when holding hot sodas.

You should never microwave anything in a sealed container, as it can cause dangerous explosions. Instead, microwave the glass and heat it.

Combine With Other Cleaning Solutions

Although it can remove many stains, it can also leave behind a residue that can be difficult to remove. It is essential to use other cleaning agents when trying to get rid of them.

One of the most common methods for cleaning your toilet is to mix a couple of cups of baking soda and a couple of cups of vinegar into a gallon of water. Then, you can scrub and wait for 60 minutes before flushing.

If you have a mold problem, try mixing two parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide in a bottle. Let it rest on the surface for at least 60 minutes, and then scrub it thoroughly. You can then use a can of Coke to remove any remaining scaling stains.

Another effective way to clean your toilet is by mixing a couple of drops of soda, a couple of drops of lemon juice, and a couple of drops of borax. Let it sit for about an hour.

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Pepsi Is Not the Only Way

Not the best choice for removing stains: Although it is known to kill germs, it is not as effective at removing grease, oil, and fat-based stains. It can also leave a sugary residue that could contribute to the growth of bacteria.

Although it has a cleaning effect, the acidic content of Coca-Cola does not make it unsafe to consume. Other drinks are more acidic, such as orange juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pepsi Remove Limescale?

On its own, Pepsi cannot remove limescale. Getting rid of limescale can be challenging without the proper tools and equipment. Sodas mixed with baking soda and cane sugar can trigger a reaction that can break down various materials, including limescale and rust.

What Other Unexpected Things Can You Clean With Pepsi?

You can do things with Pepsi that will keep your house looking great. Some of these include removing grease from your clothes, cleaning your drains, and removing stains from your mirrors and windows. You need to watch out for the possible stains that this soda might cause to your clothes when removing greases.

Can You Unclog a Drain With Cola?

You can unclog a drain with Coca-Cola or any other soda like Pop or Pepsi. A soft drink known as cola has a unique flavor due to phosphoric acid. This natural component helps prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the beverage.

Before buying dark-colored soda, make sure that the ingredients are correctly listed. Also, don’t use root beer. To unclog a sink, place a two-liter bottle of soda at the bottom of the drain. Let it sit in the sink for at least an hour or two, and then flush it with hot water.

If the drain still doesn’t flow, it might have an obstruction that prevents the phosphoric acid from dissolving. To find out, use a long wire to probe the area.


Can you use Pepsi to clean a toilet? Yes, you can. The phosphoric acid incorporated in the soda can dissolve grimes and stains. You need to ensure that you are doing the proper method and using the right tools.

Also, remember that you couldn’t do anything by yourself, so asking for professional help might be best for your situation. Or you can consult someone with more knowledge in cleaning what homemade cleaning agents you can use to ensure that your toilet is clean.