What Size Is a Shower Head Pipe? [All Values You Need]

what size is a shower head pipe

The standard thread size of a modern shower head is 1/2-inch or 12.7 mm NPT. Since every size of shower head threads is accurate, you don’t need to worry about picking the wrong one. So, the only task you have is selecting the showerhead style you desire for your bathroom. When talking about home space, … Read more

Is Shower Water Tap Water? [And Is It Safe to Drink?]

is shower water safe to drink

While in the shower, you might have thought to yourself, is it safe to drink the water coming out from the showerhead? Is the shower water the same as tap water? Well, the answer for both is yes. The shower water and water on the sink, the toilet, and the kitchen are all tap water. … Read more

Rain-X for Shower [Tiles, Doors…]

rainx for shower

Rain-X is a brand of glass treatment manufactured for drivers, to give their vehicles a water-repellent coating that results in any liquid, hitting the surface applied with this treatment, to form into water beads that smoothly flows off. Rain-X has been in the market for long enough that their brand has expanded from automotive use … Read more

What Is the Thickness of The Shower Tile?

what is the thickness of the shower tile

Most ceramic tiles are between 1/4 inch to 5/16th inch thick. In modern construction, they are glued to water resistant gypsum boards 5/8 inch thick or 1/2 inch thick cement boards. One important question to ask when it comes to projects that include shower tiles is, “What is the thickness of shower tile?” Knowing how … Read more

Loose Shower Head Holder – How to Fix That

loose shower head holder

There are different models of shower head holders. Loose showerhead receptacles can easily be fixed by tightening them. But still, there are other things that need to be reviewed for the fix to last you longer. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to effortlessly fix a loose shower head holder. We have gathered … Read more

Shower Faucet Loose From Wall – How to Fix That?

shower faucet loose from wall

You’re ready for a bath, and you turn the shower faucet on just to find it loose. Don’t panic yet, because it is totally fixable. A loose faucet from the wall can cause more destruction over time when left unchecked.  So you know now what your plight is: having a shower faucet loose from the … Read more

FRP Panels for Shower Walls [Is It Okay to Use Them?]

frp panels for showers

FRP which is a short term for Fiber-reinforced plastic is a mixture of different materials like polymer and other fibers such as glass. FRP panels are used to fortify various structures. This makes it good for your shower walls. You might be wondering if FRP panels for shower walls would work out just right for … Read more