How To Clean Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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5 Steps To Proper Bath Mat Etiquette

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Can A Roomba Get Wet?

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Can Outdoor Cushions Get Wet? Will Rain Ruin Them?

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How to Seal off A Bathtub Overflow: Reasons You’d Want to

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How To Plumb A Bathroom With PEX: Complete Guide

How To Plumb A Bathroom With PEX

PEX pipes are an alternative to copper pipes and are far more cost-effective than the traditional copper pipes and are definitely easier to install. Perfect if you are remodeling your house as they are really flexible and easy to maneuver. They are simple to install into your bathroom or shower and can be used wherever … Read more

How To Remove Shower Drain Cover With No Screws

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How To Clean Enamel Paint From Paint Brushes

How To Clean Enamel Paint From Paint Brushes

As an oil-based paint, Enamel paint dries hard and is a great option for painting surfaces that will be exposed to grease, fumes, and high humidity. With this in mind, enamel paint is a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms and leaves a beautiful glossy finish. But this oil-based paint is not easy to clean … Read more

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner In The Shower?

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner In The Shower

Any homeowner will know how easy it is for your shower/ bathtub to form a build-up of dirt and grime, and sometimes it may seem like an easy substitute to use toilet bowl cleaner in the shower to eliminate the mess. Some cleaners may even opt to use toilet bowl cleaner instead of a product … Read more