Window AC Is Not Dripping Water: Is That Normal?

Although dripping water is usually a bad sign for most appliances, it’s also a good sign that your AC is not working correctly. It takes all the moisture out of the air and puts it somewhere. There are several grounds why your air conditioner might not be working correctly. If the window air conditioning or … Read more

Can You Use an Extension Cord With a Microwave?

While you can only plug a microwave oven into an electrical outlet, extension cords are also allowed. However, be aware that they could be dangerous if you try to use them in a manner that poses a risk. Before you use an extension cord, ensure that the model you’re using has the correct specifications. You … Read more

How To Hide a Dryer Vent Hose Easily

While cleaning your laundry room, add some style to it by hiding your dryer vent hose. It will help keep the equipment looking its best while also adding your unique touch. You can hide a dryer vent hose using a curtain, faux beam, cabinet, slat panel, muslin slack, and zip ties. However, ensure that what … Read more