Ants Coming Out Of Faucet: What Should I Do?

If you experience ants coming out of your faucet, there is a large leak somewhere on your faucet.

To get rid of it , flush them out by putting your water pressure in your faucet at a high level until all ants are out, then put an aerator to prevent the ants from coming back.

It is not common to have ants in your faucet at home, but if it happens to your household, you need to take immediate action on that issue.

Indeed, seeing ants coming out from your faucet, showerheads, bathroom sink, or any sink inside and outside your house, it is not pleasing to watch.

Imagine you are washing your hands, and suddenly, your hands are surrounded with ants, what will you feel?

Probably, you will feel uncomfortable right away.

It could also be disappointing when your relatives visit you home, and your faucet has ants on it.

It will be a turn-off, and probably your relatives will question you about it, and that is not good.

As a homeowner, you should maintain your faucet cleanliness and free from any pest/insects to prevent harming your health and family.

Knowing more about how ants can be a problem in your home, this article is perfect for you to read.

If you want to learn more about avoiding ants coming in your faucet, we strictly reviewed steps to apply for you to have an effective result.

You may now proceed reading below.

Why Are Ants Coming Out Of My Bathroom Sink?

The reasons why you may experience ants coming out from your bathroom sinks because ants seek water to live.

Especially during summer seasons ants in the sink is a widespread problem.

Ants are like humans; they also need water in their body to live.

Another reason why ants come out to your bathroom sinks because they find something that they can eat inside your sink’s pipes. It is why they walk in your pipes to your faucet.

Additionally, if there are critters that already build a nest near your pipes, you may expect that your pipes could be the hangout place for ants as well, without your knowledge.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My Water Pipes?

Ants have been known to be found everywhere we are. Even though ants are beneficial in our ecosystem, they are many ant’s species that could cause your headache.

These tiny ants are quite strong; even they have a small body built.

Ant lives in a large colony, and they have one leader they call it queen, just like bees. They are social; it is why they divided themselves into groups when gathering food.

However, ants can be your problem too, since they can penetrate through the most challenging places like your drains to search for food.

It is why you may wonder why ants appear in your bathroom. Well, it happens because they are in search of moisture and any food debris.

Hence, before calling for pest experts, you may want to consider using these five tips to eliminate ants permanently.

1. Locate The Ant’s Entry Point And Seal It

Ants can quickly get into your home through any opening because they are small, so you should find its entry point.

You may first observe their behaviour and track them. Once you have already located its entry point, deal with it right away.

If their entry points are in your kitchen faucet, seal it with an aerator and when its entry point is in your bathroom sink, seal it with a messy screen protector.

Indeed, it takes time to find all the entry points of ants, and if you do find one, you can also use caulk to seal it. By using a caulk, this will bar them from moving further.

2. Keep Your Shower Dry

If your bathroom has a bathtub, then the wood behind it should stay dry all the time. Whenever there’s a leak in your bathtub, the woods behind it will absorb the water that makes it dump.

As it continues, it will create a dumb environment which ants love.

Make sure that you clean up your bathtub sides to prevent ants from going in.

3. Dehumidification

Are you familiar with dehumidification?

It is a process that is removing unwanted moisture in your bathroom area or any part in your homes, which water passes.

Ants develop well in moist areas—the steam in your bathroom clouds the area that attracts them easily.

It is why cleaning your bathroom frequently is a must.

Clearing the stagnant water in your bathroom, you are avoiding ants to manifest in your bathroom area. It would help if you did this to all areas in your home.

In case you have kids leaving with you, make sure that after they use the bathroom, you clean it. Having a dry bathroom/home surface, the ants will avoid coming in.

Moreover, during the process of dehumidification, should also fix any leakage of your pipes. Also, ants like to build a home from the clogs like your hair falls and other dirt coming from you.

4. Use And Insecticide

Using insecticide is also an effective way to clear ants, especially if it’s already giving you a hard time.

You may use an insecticide by carefully spaying it on corners and the moist areas in your home.

Also, you can use drain clogs solution products to ease your stress removing the ants. Using a drain clogs solution makes it easier to drain your drains.

However, after you use chemicals to drain your pipes, you should avoid touching any food after contact with drain clogs solutions.

Clean first yourself.

5. Using Ant Baits

Today there are lots of ant baits that you can buy in the store. It is also an effective method to eliminate ants from your drains/faucets.

You may consult an expert pest control for details about how to use ant baits.

Will Drano Kill Ants?

Well, Drano is one of the most robust draining solutions in the market. If you use it to eliminate ants well, it will kill it.

Since it is one of the draining solutions that are quite dangerous, there’s no doubt Drano can kill ants throughout the process.

However, using this kind of draining solution, you should carefully use it with proper guidelines.

So, you won’t get another problem.

Is It Dangerous To Have Ants In Pipes?

It is dangerous to have ants in pipes.

It’s dangerous because ants can damage pipes in the long run. If you don’t want to have a problem in the future, you should maintain your pipes properly.

Yes, ants are small, but if all of them will make a nest in your pipes, they will damage your pipes and might cause severe clogs in your sinks at home.

How To Prevent Ants In Your Pipes?

You can eliminate the ants by not providing them with meals, so keep your food in the kitchen sealed. Beyond that, avoiding spilling and dumping your coffee/juice down your bathroom drains.

However, if you are already experiencing trouble with ants in your bathroom drains, you can clean out the drains to get rid of them.

You may pour one-half cup of baking soda down your drains; then you can proceed to pour half a cup of white vinegar.

The mixture will bubble and form a foam, attempting to clean out the residue inside the lining of your drain pipes.

You may leave for 10 minutes and then flush the drain using hot water.

Hence, if the process works temporarily and ants still come back, it’s time for you to call help with an expert.

Types Of Ants You Can Have In your Pipes

Below are the top 5 ants you can see at home pipes.

1. Acrobat Ant

Acrobat ants like to live in deadwood. However, they also need moisture from water to survive, so if your pipes are leaking, they will assemble around it.

They also love to come inside through gaps around your pipes. Once, they have penetrated inside your home; they make their nest in your woodwork and ready to raid your pantry of food.

2. Argentine Ant

The second type of ants that you may see in your home pipes is the Argentine Ant. It is common ants found in California and Southeastern United States.

They have multiple queens, so they breed very fast. Argentine ants love to nest outside logs and concrete slabs.

3.Carpenter Ant

A carpenter ant has various colours like black, red, orange, yellow, and tan. It needs wood to make their nest so that they can live indoors or outdoors.

If you have indoor wood furniture better watch out with carpenter ants.

4. Crazy Ant

Crazy ants are highly adaptive ants that can live in moist dry habitats. If they are outside, they build their nest under a soil near your house’s foundation or cavities in trees.

Inside, they can build their nest under your house floors, walls, and sometimes inside your electrical equipment.

Moreover, they can also survive in extreme cold, so they will infest houses and build when the weather changes.

5. Fire Ant

The fifth type of ant is a Fire ant. It is an ant that prefers to live in a warm and sunny climate. It also eats almost any type of plant.

Hence, if a fire ant is threatened, they will not hesitate to attack you and inject venom through its stringer.

Its stings are quite intense and painful, and some individuals can have an allergic reaction from the sting.


In summary, ants are dangerous to any household. Especially during the hot season, so if you are in a country with the summer season, watch for ants in your faucets.

Because during this season they love to go to pipes with water in it and food debris.

When you notice that ants are giving you a problem, you should immediately take action.

Clean and do the guidelines in how to get rid of ants in your faucets and pipes,

Lastly, maintaining functional faucets and pipes is essential to any household that you, as a homeowner, should know about it.


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